This Veterans Day We Must Give Thanks To Our Past, Present And Future Veterans

On this Veterans Day we must honor our past, present and future veterans. It’s just the nature of Americas creation and survival that there have been many wars to safeguard our existence. Starting with the American Revolution where our Founders fought for the creation of our nation from the lack of freedoms from Great Britain and no sooner than that victory was celebrated Great Britain attacked us in the war of 1812 which eventually led to the civil war where thousands of our citizens fought each other to free the existence of slavery and at the same time President Abraham Lincoln would not allow the states to secede the union whereas our country would be split forever into individual states which eventually once again war struck America with the World Wars of I and II which took us to the Korean War and then the Vietnam war where the veterans were not treated too kindly when they finally came home of which society has been attempting to make it up to them in recent years. That brought us to the Middle East wars of Afghanistan and Iraq that have become long standing and countless other small wars not listed.

There is always going to be some politics in how troops are utilized as far as where to send them or not and to how many. I will not get into that otherwise this Veteran Day’s post of mine will become a thesis but one thing I do know our veterans of the past, present and the future must always be honored and celebrated because whatever the elimination of any political theme, they are keeping America safe, it being over there or over here.

When I go about doing my errands I always like to wear my Navy cap and I am amazed as to how many people go out of their way to thank me for my past service and when I hear it from a very young person still in their teens I am just overwhelmed. Yes my patriots all is not lost, God Bless our veterans of past, present and future on this Veterans Day, may their memory of sacrifice for We The People always be respected. May they alway have a day of honor and respect on Veterans Day.


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