Breaking!! IG Horowitz Found That There Is A Great Possibility That A FBI Agent Altered A Document In The Russia Probe Of The Trump Campaign

So its being reported that Inspector General Michael Horowitz is recommending that a FBI agent be investigated for altering a document in the Russian probe of the Trump Presidential campaign and I say, you think! I know this is a leak to prelude the IG 500 to 800 page report due out on December 9th which is the latest estimate, I wonder if Horowitz read my post of a few days ago where I advised him lets get on with it, get the report out! 🙂 I know there is someone out there who will say they will use this person as a scapegoat but I will say this is the beginning and there will be many heads to roll or lets say there better be!

The following was posted by Carlos Garcia, published by The Blaze: “An FBI agent is reportedly being investigated for allegedly altering a document in the controversial probe of Trump campaign aides.”

“CNN published the exclusive report on Thursday based on sources familiar with the matter.”

“According to the report, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz turned over evidence of the altered document to federal prosecutor John Durham.”

“The document was altered in a “substantive” manner, but it is unclear whether it would have changed the origin of the FISA probe.”

“Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the FISA probe into the Trump campaign in 2016.”

“CNN admitted in its report that the altering of documentation would help “fuel” claims from the allies of the president that the FBI was improperly abusing their power to target then-candidate Trump.”

So many times I have been advised in my posts with good intent that no matter what the IG comes out with he does not have prosecutorial powers but that is why a tag team match has been established and that is IG Horowitz to federal prosecutor John Durham. There has been much work put in between the two and going back to good old common sense when these two are finished with all their reports there will be a volcano exploding with nothing to stop it.

Naturally because of the fact that CNN of fake news came out with the leak there will be much suspicion but maybe its a situation where even CNN realizes it has been left out of reporting good news with all the fake news they have been reporting. We will see but if its not them it will be some outlet with real news and what is the radical socialist Democratic Party stand on all this, well they are into impeaching the President of The United States which will bite them in the end. When you accept money from the head snake George Soros, well that snake will bite you in the rear at the end once it gets what it wants out of you.

The radical left has allowed the little girl from New York to do so much of the talking in their party and this little girl came out of nowhere and that always means follow the money trail. She should just go home to mommy a term Trump likes to use and I will never say go back to bartending, I respect bartenders too much to lower themselves to Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez


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