President Trump Has Been Choking Out Radical Socialists On The 9th District Court With Conservatives

President Trump has been driving the radical socialist left Democrat Party crazy with the continuous appointments of conservatives to the largest district court in America the 9th district which is another campaign promise kept by Trump. Through the years liberal Presidents such as Bill Clinton and Marxist Obama enjoyed filling the courts with radical liberal judges especially the ones that Obama appointed.

The following was posted by Eric Mack, published by Newsmax: “Long considered the most liberal court in America, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is far closer to be fair and balanced than ever, Politico reported.”

“When President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, Democrat-appointed judges held a 20-9 edge in the 9th Circuit, which made it a go-to court for Democrat challenges with a jurisdiction of 60 million Americans.”

“After the two most recent Trump confirmations this month, the Democrat-advantage is down to just three 16-13, according to the report.”

“President Trump had called the 9th Circuit, “a complete and total disaster” and a “big thorn in our side.”

“It has been the court liberal activists have used to resist and obstruct the Trump administration on healthcare, contraception, abortion, immigration, the travel ban, and various other parts of the progressive agenda.”

In my writings through the years I always use to stress the fact that if we were ever to take our country back we needed Republican Presidents to appoint God fearing judges who followed the U.S. Constitution as our Founding fathers meant it to be and not some breathing instrument as the radical left nut jobs have always interpreted it to be.

The 9th Circuit court is not the only ont Trump has been working on, he has appointed somewhere around 185 federal judges throughout court houses in America and thats only in three years of his Presidency.This is driving the radicals crazy and I am enjoying every minute of it! Most importantly it is very much so helping taking our country back again.


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