China’s Leaders Led A Huge Crime Against Humanity, There Must Be A Like Nuremberg Trial

You know how it’s been said, where there is smoke there has to be fire, well in the government of China there is just too much smoke of the way they handled the coronavirus virus crisis that spread all around the world and back in December it has been stressed by various reports that the doctor or scientist that warned the world was put away and I would assume by China style and you and me can assume how that went off. This is no small matter, the United States shut down their economic machine because of this virus and if it should have be done that is a story for another day but President Trump I just heard him in the daily press briefing he gives daily stated that there are 182 countries around the world that have been hurt in one form or another and we know who the main countries are that have been hit hard by this virus.

The following was posted ny Breitbart and published by Tea Party News: “China’s leaders should face something akin to the Nuremberg Trials for “crimes against humanity” regarding the global coronavirus outbreak, said Gordon Chang, Daily Beast columnist and author of The Great U.S.-China Tech War. He offered his comments on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Ed Martin.”

“Mansour said, “I kind of feel as if we need to have an international reckoning.” She added, “We need like a Nuremberg trial to look at the atrocity that was committed here to get to the bottom of it.”

“Chang concurred, “I absolutely agree with you. There does need to be a Nuremberg Trial for Chinese leaders because they have committed a crime against humanity, because if this is not a crime against humanity, then what is?”

“The world needs to get justice,” continued Chang. “We need justice for the Americans that we’ve lost and will lose, and we need justice for other people around the world. It’s a Nuremberg Trial. It’s Guantanamo. It’s a visit forever to Florence Colorado Supermax. I don’t care what it is, but we’ve got to take the Chinese leaders off the streets and make sure that they do face justice of one sort or another.”

Now to get the leaders off the streets we know how thats going to work out but there can still be a trial against the Chinese leaders. As stated above by Chang this is a war against humanity and for you patriots who have been reading my posts I am convinced that this spread of the virus just didn’t happen, China was using it as a bioweapon and if it was meant for the timing to be now a trial would bring out but one thing I do know they were experimenting with something that went afoul. Now you and me can continue to say they put people on planes with this virus and flew them all around the world into areas they wanted hit hard. Now is this reasoning over the top? I dont think so and I will say bring on the trial and let the dice fall where they fall.


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