General Michael Flynn Was The First Victim Of The Deep States Insurance Policy, He knew Too Much And He Was On Candidate Trump’s Presidential Team

The pieces are so nicely starting to fit together as to why Marxist Obama and his deep state misfits decided to go after General Flynn and that was he was joining the Trump Presidential team and he just knew too much about the corruptness of Obama and his deep state Dept of Justice which means Trump was going to learn all about it and whats ironic about all this two years later the whole country and the world are going to find out about the corruptness of the Obama administration of which the deep state took illegal pains to avoid in the first place.

The following was posted by Jim Hayek, published by American Truth Today: “On Sunday General Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell joined Joel Pollak on Breitbart News Sunday to discuss the latest revelations in the Flynn case.”

“Sidney Powell told Breitbart News that former FBI Director James Comey and other senior officials in the Obama administration likely committed federal crimes in their use of “lawfare” against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and President Donald Trump.”

“On Monday Attorney Sidney Powell dropped this bomb on the deep state. According to Powell General Flynn would have blown up all of the Comey and Co. crimes and he and President Trump would have learned it all.”

“Powell then added, “Flynn was the first key part of the Insurance Policy.”

My patriots you know how it’s said, “you can’t make this stuff up”! My understanding is that there are more documents coming and it will be sweet for We The People but for the deep state it is the beginning of the end. I have not heard the big mouth Obama give any opinions on this and naturally it’s because he has been lawyered up and than you have the punk the former CIA Director John Brennan who will be dumb enough to continue to go on liberal talk shows and continue to run his mouth because he doesn’t know how to shut up but that is fine by me because I just love to see punks like him go down.

There are so many names in the deep state who are going to go down and they should be wearing a mask not only because of coronavirus but they should wear a mask for being ashamed of themselves, but you see, the thing is these people have no shame and it’s time they should be taught what shame is!


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