I Always Respected John Bolton Until I Have Realized He Is Such A Wuss! All Over A Book That Only A Rat Fink Would Write!

I am a hawk when it comes to protecting the United States and I always felt former National Security Advisor Joe Bolton was more of a hawk than myself and thats why I was surprised when President Trump picked him as his National Security Advisor because one thing we know about Trump he cannot be classified an automatic hawk. He listens and decides whereas Bolton wants to always blow something up. Some in the know have been suggesting that Bolton knew he would not get along with Trump but he took the job to undermine him or even to persuade him to his line of thinking.

Picture Bolton being in Berlin at the conclusion of World War II with the instructions from President Franklin Roosevelt to not take over all of Belin but to wait for the Russians considering they had fought with America and had lost millions of people to the Germans, why Bolton would have gone nuts and would have had to be fired. That was the way Bolton was in the White House, his way or the highway and he had to be let go..

My understanding as the turning point to the Bolton-Trump relationship was when Iran shot down one of our unmanned drones and Bolton wanted Trump to attack Iran and after Trump thought about it he figured over 200 deaths in Iran from an U.S. airstrike was not compatable to shooting down an unmanned droned and it drove Bolton over the wall.

One way you can tell that Bolton’s book is full of lies is the fact that he would not testify in front of the committee to impeach Trump in the House because he would be under oath so what does he do instead but write a book of lies about Trump, his last big chance to make some megabucks. I will state what I stated in my heading John Bolton is nothing but a big wuss! I have lost all respect for the rat fink!


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