A Marxist Revolution Is Upon Us: What Is Going On In Our Streets Is Well Financed And Orchestrated

This no coincidence my patriots, our streets are being used for a Marxist revolution by hardcore antics against the safety of the people in cities such as Portland, Chicago,Seattle,New York and just today there was 17 shootings in Chicago with no relief in sight because the socialist radical Democratic mayors in these cities are not giving the police the power and rights that they need to overwhelm these Marxist rioters and thugs. This is a very strange set of circumstances for sure and one thing is for sure these thugs are not amateurs.

We are eyewitnessing a Marxist Revolution in prime time. President Trump has offered many times to send assistance to these mayors and they dont want to hear it, so he does the next best option and that is to send federal agents to Portland to safeguard the federal buildings and the Portland mayor goes on a rampage that Trump is making the situation worst.. Give me a break! Naturally I dont hear the leadership of the radical socialist Democratic Party condemning this Marxist movement because after all they are all in it together.

Now I dont know if these mayors have been scared off or paid off but the President is not going allow this to continue because he has already signaled the fact that he will be sending federal agents to these other disruptive cities if need be. Trump will not allow Marxist thugs to take over our cities and if you look at history this is exactly how it starts, well its not going to happen in the United States of America. Today its federal agents being sent, tomorrow it might be the army because yes this is a Marxist Revolution for sure and they must be defeated before they get a grip. I am sure President Trump will never allow this to happen and thats another big reason he must be elected President again, he still has a lot of work to do and putting down this Marxist Revolution is for the salvation of our republic.


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