Yes, The Democratic National Convention Is That Bad!

I will say right off the bat that I was not sitting in my favorite chair to watch this boring crap but now and then I would catch a glimpse and I realized this was going to be a loser and then you had Michelle Obama who filmed herself about three weeks ago and in so doing she didn’t mention the vice-presidential candidate and on top of it she lied when she talked about Trump putting immigrant children in cages when in fact it was her husband Marxist Obama who built those cages and had children caged and this was fact tracked by the Associated Press.

The following was posted and published by the Daily Wire News: “The Democratic National Convention was brutally mocked online on Monday night during the event’s opening night as many commentators panned it as boring, cringeworthy, and obscene.”

“Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson wrote: “I wanted to like it. I really did, I promise I did.”

“Left-wing political commentator Timothy Burke wrote: “I don’t think the broadcast networks were prepared for convention programming that didn’t have ten-minute breaks between each appearance. They’re all doing analysis nobody wants.”

“Progressive David Pakman wrote: “Someone please talk me off the ledge. I want to win, and the first 22 minutes of this DNC…I’m scared. Can someone tell me how great this is or something?”

“Cernovich added: “1,700 live viewers of DNC convention even with a link from Joe Biden’s twitter account. If cable news didn’t cover this convention, it wouldn’t exist.”

There were more comments but you get the point. One of the funniest was when Bernie Sanders finished his socialist speech he was suppose to get applause, well he got applause alright but somewhere around 10 seconds too late and there he was looking into the camera with that well what are you waiting for look.

Yesterday was not any better than Monday and now the theme is please get this convention over with!


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