We The People Are Witnessing A Revolution Being Staged By The Radical Socialist Democratic Party

My patriots it is very obvious now that the Democrats are staging a revolution right before our eyes and they have been prepping for this movement I will say since the 1960’s and now they are in full force. Many of those socialists that were marching in the streets in the 1960’s hold positions in our government such as the Clinton’s and the Obama’s for instance, and let’s not forget Eric Holder to name just a few and I am sure you can name many. Rush Limbaugh has come out with a post about the very fact that I have been talking about for some time now.

The following was posted by WND Staff, published by WND: “Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh says the Democrats in America right now are staging a revolution against the nation.”

“It’s because their motivation is the belief that the country is “irredeemably unjust.”

“We are living in a revolution — an actual revolution, not just the word. There is an actual revolution taking place. The American left is revolting against America as founded!” Limbaugh warned. “They are not the Democrat Party of old. This is not the Democrats versus the Republicans. This is American Marxists and communists conducting a revolution against America, as founded.”

“This is to say, multiculturalism, which has taken over the Democratic Party, constitutes a revolutionary movement. I do not mean a metaphorical revolution. It is not like a revolution; it is a revolution, an attempt to overthrow the American founding as President Trump said in his excellent Mt. Rushmore speech,” on July 4, he said.”

How better a way to take away the freedoms of our country is there than to take away the importance of our Constitution that has always been America’s solid rock of existence and the envy of all freedom minded countries of the world. This is what the socialists have been working on for decades, to take away the importance of our Constitution.

The Constitution has been taken away from our school systems especially from our universities that have been controlled by socialist administration staff and one of the many reasons Trump has to win a second term is to attack this socialist-Marxist invasion of our school system.

The radical socialist Democratic Party have even put coronavirus into the battle, such as blue states are closed with the rights and freedom of their people taken away from them, even the mask they have put into the battle of weapons. What I am saying the socialists are always creating a situation of us against them and that is the internal way of revolution and that is exactly what they have been doing but eventually the bulk of the American people will finally get pissed off and that my patriots will be the real revolution!


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