George Soros Continues To Dig His Heel In The American Political System By Tripling His Election Spending To $70 Million

The snake George Soros and his organizations have been notorious for dishing out millions of dollars to cause trouble in our streets such as the riots we have been experiencing in most of the blue states but there is another part of America that he has been pouring record breaking dollars so as to get as many radical socialists of the Democratic Party elected and that has been in state legislatures wherever socialists have had a good chance to win.  

The following was posted by Joe Schoffstall, published by The Washington Free Beacon: “Liberal billionaire George Soros has funneled nearly $70 million into the 2020 elections, tripling his previous record, new filings show.” 

“The Democracy PAC, a super PAC created by Soros to fund left-wing groups working to defeat Republicans, has poured $68.5 million into electoral efforts this cycle, according to the Federal Election Commission. That sum is $46 million more than Soros’s previous high of $22 million, which came during the last presidential cycle.”

“The billionaire has amplified his election spending as deep-pocketed donors attempt to oust Trump from office and flip control of the Senate to Democrats. Soros’s cash is part of a spending blitz that has primarily benefited Joe Biden. So far this cycle, outside spending has exceeded $1 billion and is on track to shatter previous records.”

George Soros has been banned from countries such as Russia that if he steps foot on their soil he will be arrested for being a threat to their national security as they have stressed it. Now you have a spokesperson of Soros that is going around saying that does not apply to Soros himself but to his organizations, well what do you expect him to say, Soros is not even favored in the country of his birth which is Hungary. 

Whatever the case may be George the snake Soros is an evil man, he is surely evil for America with his main objective being is to turn American society into socialism and  he has been pouring millions of dollars into state legislatures to do so and the day must come when the liquid assets of George Soros and his organizations must be seized. Just by him and his organizations spending millions of dollars to cause mayhem in our streets should be enough to throw him out of the United States of America. DOJ, are you listening! 


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