Exceptional Debate Performance Given By President Trump That Caused Biden Blunders

President Trump gave an exceptional great performance against Joe Biden. He was confident, well tempered knew his facts without telling lies like Biden was doing and the big disadvantage for Biden was that his lying was obvious. Biden asking Trump to prove about him having said that he was against fracking was about the dumbest thing he could have suggested considering those video’s of him disapproving fracking are floating all over the place. Trump allowed sleepy Joe to talk and sure enough Biden came out with a tremendous mistake but let’s be real he means it when Biden said that he would transition from the oil industry if he was elected President, what a gift that was to piss off states such as Texas, Pennsylvania,Oklahoma, Ohio and any state which are many that jobs rely on the oil industry and never mind some states but the United States as a nation rely on the oil industry especially now that America has become self-sufficient from the Middle East but you see that is where the radical socialist party has gone. 

The debate moderator was Kristen Welker and she was a breath of fresh air compared to Trump hater Chris Wallace who moderated the first debateand yet even she interrupted Trump 41 times and Biden eight. That is to be expected as long as you have liberal moderators. What I can’t understand is why the Republican Party doesn’t have more of a say in how the moderators are chosen, after all there are only two major parties and the Republican Party is one of them so I say why not have two moderators, one liberal and one conservative, what’s wrong with that! 

 Biden had at least 11 lies during the debate and for people who follow politics they were all obvious and even so there are millions of Democrats who were watching the debate and observed the lying but they just dont care. What I can’t understand is why does the Democratic Party always seem to go with criminals such as Hillary Clinton who destroyed 33,000 emails and now Joe Biden and his family of which this is an ongoing story of Biden risking United States National Security with profiting with millions of dollars off of China. This situation should never have been allowed to go this far but thats what happens when the msm and the Democratic Party have gone hand in hand to suppress this story. All I can say in regard to this story is that all the people who have early voted for Biden you have voted for tyranny and all future voters for Biden you still have time not to do so. Take it from me this story of the Biden family and China plus the other countries that they have profited from there will be an eruption of a major volcano of huge proportions and there will be no way of getting away from the lava. 


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