The FBI Knew About Hunter Biden’s Computer Since Sept. 2019, Why The Secrecy?

The FBI knew about the Hunter Biden computer since September of 2019 and you must be aware of the fact that the FBI had already gone through the ringer as to how it mishandled the Hillary Clinton private server and the lost of her 33,000 emails when former FBI Director James Comey was in charge and actually the FBI has not recovered since and here we go again they have now admitted they knew about the Biden computer. So now here we go again, if they knew about it what did they do about it? 

The following was posted by Joe Hoft, published by Gateway Pundit: “Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova had this to say about the emails:”

“The Hunter Biden emails are now in the news for more than a week.  These emails were found on the computer that Hunter Biden left with a computer repairman.  Hunter never returned to pick up his computer.  The repairman found emails on the laptop showing numerous corrupt activities involving the Bidens during Joe Biden’s term as Vice President under Barack Obama.  The Bidens had a pay for play scheme and made millions at US taxpayers expense.  The FBI was notified and eventually showed up and took possession of the laptop.  However, Director Wray’s FBI did nothing with the laptop other than hide it.”

“This is bribery and conspiracy.  Rudy Giuliani is absolutely correct, this is a crime family.  What’s fascinating to me is, here’s the question of the week for me, “
What did the FBI not do and when did they not do it?”  Because they had position of Hunter Biden’s computer or knowledge of it as early as September 2019, when the Albuquerque office of the FBI was notified of the existence and some of the contents of the computer.”

This looks to me like the deep state is still at work, telling and showing us only what they want to and protecting the ones they want for one reason or another and in this case being the Biden family and of course now that copies of the computer have come out and are being talked about in this case being Rudy Giuliani the FBI has been caught flat-footed once again. 

 A few days ago just before the second Presidential debate whistleblower Tony Bobulinski over Hunter Biden’s business dealings was asked to talk before the FBI in regard to what he knows. I dont like this at all, I believe he should have gone before the Senate committee first. I wonder if the FBI will try to shut him up!  


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