The Radical, Socialist Democratic Party Has Gone With No Ground Game In This Years Presidential Election Instead Going With Billionaire Donors, Mainstream Media And Cheating,

The radical, socialist, Democratic Party is using the excuse of the coronavirus that they are not having a ground game in this year’s Presidential election but that is not the case, they know that their candidate Joe Biden can not draw enthusiasm and they have gone into experimenting mode and that is to rely mainly on billionaire donors such as George Soros, Mike Bloomberg and a few others; they are relying also on the mainstream media and cheating to push Biden over the top. Is this strategic going to work? I say most definitely not.  

This will be the first Presidential election that a party, in this case the Democratic Party that is running mainly by ads that are being paid by billionaire’s disregarding any form of ground game to make sure also that they keep Biden away from gaps that he does often. Only lately has Biden been forced to come out of his basement because he has been sinking in the polls. 

The mainstream media has been doing their part by not reporting any good news for Trump and that also includes big tech. If you remember during the Democratic convention with all the riots going on the msm would not call them riots but they would call the rioters protesters instead and it does not stop there, They are making sure to keep the Hunter and Joe Biden China story suppressed. The msm has been falsifying poll numbers so as to discourage Trump voters but they dont realize that we Trump voters know the real poll numbers in all the battleground states. 

Now of course we have the cheating and like I have written many times the Democratic Party does not want picture voter ID’s so as to continue with the cheating. It has been stressed that before any vote is cast in any Presidential election the Republican candidate is already 15 points behind due to cheating and this year the Democratic Party have mail-in ballots floating all over the place and for people who have kept up with this thousands are being found in dumpsters,not to mention the fact that many are receiving duplicate ballots in the mail and there are countless other examples. 

Nov. 3rd is almost here and we will all know soon but on the other hand we must consider there are states out there who have allowed counting ballots days after the election was to be concluded. This is why my greatest wish for now is for Trump to win by a landslide on Nov. 3rd and if that is the case it will shut the election down with Trump the clear winner and that my patriots is what our goal must be, so my patriot friends we must not leave any stone unturned, everybody go out and vote!  


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