Today Is The Day Of Reckoning, President Donald Trump Will Win The Presidency Of The United States Of America!

My patriots, this will not be a long blog but I am stressing the fact that for our republic to survive we must have another four years of President Trump because as we know we are no longer talking about the Democratic Party as we knew it, it has become the radical, socialist, Democratic Party. It is no longer the party that would reason out arguments with the Republican Party for the betterment of America. Two different ways to get to the end result but the conclusion was always for the betterment of America and that is not the case today. The Democratic Party is using Joe Biden as the Trojan Horse to fulfill their own socialist agenda over you and me as a one party rule. It’s all about the socialists changing our culture and our Constitution to push their agenda and the American people have gotten wise to it and President Trump continues to stress the fact that this is the most important election in our lifetime and I agree. 

We The People have been watching as the Democratic Party has been condoning riots, condoning packing the Supreme Court, condoning making the coronavirus into a war between opening up America or shutting it down, condoning defunding our police and dismantling ICE, and let us not forget that President Trump had brought the American economy to probably the best the world had ever known before the China virus hit and the economy is on the verge of reaching that status again. 

There is so much more to be done such as draining the swamp which even Trump has admitted it’s deeper than he even imagined. The American people know what is going on and I am confident that they will once again vote in Donald Trump as President of the United States! 


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