There Is Still A Small Window For A Trump Victory / Only Legal Votes Must Be Counted!

It is very depressing to be watching President Trump’s lead in many states being diminished due to voter fraud by so many ways. The biggest giveaway is partisan people not being allowed to watch votes being counted and that is a right that is given to We The People. Not only that, what makes it worse is that people with court orders such in a case in Pennsylvania and thats not the only example mind you are not allowed to observe counting and if they do allow it they have to be 60 feet away or some other ridiculous footage which means they will not see anything. 

You know we have been talking about this for some time now of the fact that you can’t sent out millions of mail-in ballots and expect to have a smooth election. The radical, socialist, Democratic Party had this all planned to take the election away from President Trump. Even some Democrats who are witnessing all the different examples of cheating out there if they still think it is not cheating they definitely have a denial problem. 

The Democratic Party was thinking blue wave thats why they were talking about packing the court and putting in all their pet socialist projects but that is out the window because the Republicans will keep the Senate. I have always been a person of not giving up if I knew I was right and I do know we need President Trump four more years and he has a small window to still win and now the legal battle begins. We all must pray that President Trump is victorious for the sake of our republic. 


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