As Long As Victory Is Breathing For President Trump Joe Biden Cannot Call The Election

Joe Biden should know better than to be declaring victory considering President Trump still has a chance to victory and as a reminder the mainstream media and TV networks do not call elections, its the constitutional process and the electoral college process that call the Presidential election and as of now there are too many instances of voter fraud to be calling anything. Just as a point of interest Newsmax has still not called the election for Biden stressing there are just too many legal challenges ahead that must be investigated. 

How about this as a point of interest, in this Presidential election the Democrats underperformed and the Republicans overperformed, the Republicans picked up 4 million new voters yet Trump is behind, I dont think so.

 Now lets talk about all these millions of ballots that were produced for this election. Now there have been examples of people stopping the vote count especially in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh area but not restricted to just those localities and state. Here is the possible motive to that and a very good chance that it happened and that is they stop the counting to determine how many votes Biden is behind at the time and then they process those extra manufactured ballots for a count for Biden. Now keep in mind observers were not allowed close to the counting and this is just one example that will go to the U.S. Supreme Court by Trump’s lawyers on Monday. This information has come out with whistleblowers under oath.

Every legal vote must be counted and every fraudulent vote must be decreased from the count and when this is done President Trump will be declared rightfully the President of the United States. 


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