Voter Fraud Is Being Carried Out Big Time By The Socialist Democratic Party!

The mainstream media and big tech is doing a big disservice to their Democrat followers by keeping this information suppressed and on the other hand Democrats who are not going out of their way to educate themselves about all this voter fraud will be in shock considering after the legal battles are all over there is a good chance Donald Trump will be President of the United States. What will happen next there will be riots in the streets all paid for by the socialists. 

There are all kinds of voter fraud and the socialists have put them all to use. A few of you Democrat clowns who have been coming into my posts and call me all sorts of names I would suggest that you better do homework on the different ways to fraud an election and its not only ballots, its also software that can be controlled from afar. 

Today Georgia has been ordered to recount their ballots manually because of voter fraud and in Pennsylvania there is a very good case with Trump’s legal team to prove non-stop fraud. You had the battleground states that stopped counting in the early morning hours and when they restarted the count Biden took the lead in all of them. There are whistleblowers coming out taking oaths as to what they have seen and this is nationwide. 

To top it all these are only a few examples and Democrats who just tune in to the msm do not know any of this. I would suggest you learn fast! 


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