Dominion Voting Systems Are Looking Guilty On Presidential Election Fraud: Refused To Testify Before Pennsylvania House Committee Today

Dominion Voting Systems has something to hide on America’s Presidential election and that is fraud. Not only at the last minute did they back out of the Pa. Committee hearing today but their main office in Ontario Canada has been shut down and an office of theirs in Denver Colorado has been cleaned out, paperwork and everything. 

The following was posted by Libby Emmons, published by PM Vision: “Pennsylvania’s State Government Committee was scheduled to hold a hearing on Friday with Dominion Voting Systems, but on Thursday night, at the last minute, Dominion “lawyered up” and backed out of the hearing.”
“State Representative Seth Grove, Interim Chair for the State Government Committee and Chair of the Government Oversight Committee said that Dominion Voting Systems was used in 14 Pennsylvania counties. Those counties contain 1.3 million voters, representing 19 percent of voters in the state.”

“Grove said that they were going to have a hearing with Dominion, and that he was looking forward to hearing Dominion back their product and offer information to Pennsylvania voters.”

“Last evening Dominion voting systems lawyered up and backed out of their commitment to the people of Pennsylvania to provide input in a public format in which 1.3 [million] Pennsylvanian’s entrusted. Instead of running toward the light of honesty and integrity, Dominion Voting Systems retreated to the darkness.”

My patriots something is happening here. I have been following politics since I was a youngster and I feel the ground trembling. Who would have thought that back in the 1970’s President Richard Nixon would be the first one to resign as President and here we are in the year 2020 that we all know has been a crazy year, how crazy it would be if the 2020 Presidential election was called fraudulent and then the House takes it and President Trump is declared the winner. Now this Dominion Voting Systems is not only involved in Pa. but in all the battleground states and sending American votes to be counted in other countries. I believe we will know a lot by the end of next week if Biden is out and Trump is in, we must all Pray!  


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