If The Presidential Election Goes To The House Of Representatives President Trump Wins

People who have any commonsense at all know that President Trump won the Presidential election. He was way ahead in most of the swing states when we went to sleep and in the morning most of those leads vanished. An 80,000 vote lead vanished in Pennsylvania alone. All the swing states had the same discrepancies it being hundreds of thousands of suspicious ballots, many of them 96% up to 100% for Biden were dumped into the count in the wee hours of the morning after election day in swing states and the counting had been “stopped” with the intention of fraud; it being many dead people voted with the indication of fraud; it being absentee ballots were received back at the counting center before they were even sent out with the intention of fraud; it being observers were blocked, some by cardboard sheets, pizza boxes, or social distance, with the intention of fraud. These are just a few examples with many whistleblowers involved. With all this doubt I cant see how it doesn’t go to the House of Representatives to determine the Presidency. 

The following was posted by WND Staff, published by WND: “The Founders recognized that elections could be corrupted or stolen. They established the Electoral College as a safeguard and empowered state legislatures to ensure the integrity of the election. Lawful voters expect state legislators to do their constitutional duty to ensure that the lawful votes of the people as cast are honored — not diluted or debased by systemic fraud.”

“Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz suggested a path for victory for Trump by challenging state certifications and causing enough to remain in question that Biden would not get the required 270 votes with the Electoral College meets.”

“He said that if “enough electoral votes are still being contested by mid-December, and if fewer than 270 electors are certified by their respective states by that date, then Biden could – in theory – be denied the necessary 270.”

“If that were to happen, then the election would be thrown into the House of Representatives, as it was on several occasions in the 19th century,” Dershowitz said.”

“Under the Constitution, the House votes for president not by individual members, but by state delegations,” he noted. “Each state gets one vote, and so 26 states are required to elect a president. Although there are more Democrats than Republicans in the House of Representatives, there are more states with a majority of Republican representatives. Accordingly, if the election were to go to the House, the Republicans would determine the next president.”

My patriots that rightfully should be the plan because the fraud with different types of fraud is just much to much out of hand as it stands and more proof comes in. We already see what the Biden agenda is and that is to go back to the Obama era which will be all about the NWO, more regulations and higher taxes and they are already talking about getting rid of Trumps “America first” and as a matter of fact talking about it very openly. President Trump must stay in office! 

My patriots I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and we all must keep the faith and fight till the end! 


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