A Mountain Of Evidence Has Been Compiled Of Presidential Election Fraud, President Trump Is The Clear Winner

The Trump team has accumulated about 5000 affidavits of sworn testimony of people who witnessed election fraud. There is no way President Trump lost the election, Trump did not lose the election when in fact 14 Republicans flipped House seats from Democrats showing that Trump carried them; Trump did not lose the election when in fact he had about 12 million more votes than he had in 2016; Trump did not lose the election when in fact when we all went to bed he was leading in all the battleground states and when we tuned in again he was losing narrowly in all of them. 

There are all the usually cheating such as the dead voting but in this election they are in abundance. there was a truck driver who testified under oath that his truck was carrying ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. In one of these states there were over 1 million absentee ballots but over 2 million counted. The pattern was the same in all the battle line states and that was vote counters were sent home in the morning and all the phony ballots for Joe Biden tabulated for the next few hours and thats why when we tuned in again Trump was losing in all those states. 

The following was posted by Allen Zhong, published by The Epoch Times: “Gary Berntsen, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) career officer who worked on various counterterrorism deployments, worries that the irregularities that happened during the November election may be part of a larger scheme.”

“If you want to steal an election of the United States, what do you do? You go into the swing states, your Democrats, you target the urban areas where you have the largest vote count,” Berntsen told The Epoch Times. “They need to produce a massive, significant, large number of votes—therefore they have to go to large Democratic cities.”

“He went further to allege that the vote counting was stopped in some polling sites in big cities probably because the persons behind the scheme found out they needed to produce more ballots to fill a gap bigger than they expected.”

The above is the pattern that exactly took place and add in all the other methods of cheating that took place by the radical socialist Democrat Party what do you get, you get the Presidential election taken away from President Trump. 

These states by law cannot certify electoral votes while there is an investigation going on and as far as I am concerned there is just too much fraud for these battleground states to certify, the U.S. Supreme Court must get involved and the certification process given over to the House of Representatives. Donald J. Trump is President of the United States and he will be so on January 20, 2021!   


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