Joe Biden Should Be Joining President Trump And Request Dominion Software Voting Machines And Absentee Ballots To Be Audited In Battle line States

A few days ago Joe Biden went on national TV and started complaining of the fact that the Trump legal team was investigating the fraud in the 2020 Presidential election whereas in fact Biden should be willing to have the election and voter fraud investigated, what the hell does he have to worry about unless he has something to hide with his radical socialist Democratic Party that they cheated to win. 

These Dominion software voting machines and absentee ballots must be audited because that is where the proof is that Trump won the election and Biden knows thats the case. If the Trump legal team continues not to be allowed by the courts to audit these then the President must take action and commence the Insurrection Act which will give him the authority to confiscate the machines and absentee ballots and have the military count the votes and only then will the republic have confidence in any future elections. If by this count it shows Biden the winner so be it but that will not be the case, as a matter of fact it will show Trump winning by a landslide, yes I am sure of it! 


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