Jenna Ellis Advised: “Trump Legal Team to Continue Challenge for Election Integrity Beyond Jan. 6”

Joe Biden is not going to be allowed to receive a stolen election by no means. I get a lot of nonsense from Democrats as to where is the proof and as I advised these socialists in one of my posts they need to get away from the msm that they are viewing and go to news outlets that are reporting as to how the election was stolen and they will see all the proof they need but the fact is they don’t want to, they are in denial. I must stress that the real official date that this election ends is January 20th and even then that might not be the end, you just might have the Speaker of the House as temporary President. 

The following was posted by Janita Kan, published by The Epoch News: Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis said on Tuesday that her team plans to continue its investigation into the handling of the 2020 general election beyond Jan. 6, the date when Congress counts the electoral college votes.”

“The American people deserve to know the truth and see all of this come out and so we’re going to continue pursuing those efforts,” Ellis told The Dan Caplis Show during an interview.”

“Long term, this absolutely doesn’t end January 6 because this should never ever, ever happen again, throughout the course of America’s history.”

 “The Democrats from start to finish used the pandemic in order to remove election safeguards. They’ve manipulated some of the laws,” Ellis said. “We have to go back, if you care, no matter what party, I hope my friends who are Democrats would agree with me, that election integrity matters.”

The numbers that have come out for Biden is a joke and all efforts and stops must be made not to allow a stolen election be given to Joe Biden whereas the fix was in. Biden accumulated less black votes than expected yet somehow he beat Obamas vote totals and if any Democrat does not suspect that as being abnormal has a problem and yet Trump accumulated the most black votes in Republican Party history. This is just one small example of many and Joe Biden the fraud must not be allowed the Presidency of the United States of America.


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