New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo Wants to Investigate Nursing Homes In New York Whereas In Fact He Should Be The One Investigated

I Published This April 25, 2020 Which Leads Up To Today’s New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Crisis 

You  know how the socialist’s work by now always blame the other person. Here we have Governor Cuomo of New York who if you have been following the news during the coronavirus crisis always blaming President Trump for his states needs whereas in fact the President always gave him everything he needed. Now there is a big negligence blooming in the nursing home industry in New York that Cuomo wants no part of because he knows him and his administration screwed up and now he is trying to pass the buck to the nursing homes by calling an investigation when he should be the one investigated and unbelievable things are coming out now faster than a speeding bullet. 

The following was posted by The Post Editorial Board, published by The New York Post: “The first coronavirus patients admitted to a Queens nursing home under a controversial state mandate arrived along with some grim accessories — a supply of body bags, The Post has learned.”

“An executive at the facility — which was previously free of the deadly disease — said the bags were in the shipment of personal protective equipment received the same day the home was forced to begin treating two people discharged from hospitals with COVID-19.”

“My colleague noticed that one of the boxes was extremely heavy. Curious as to what could possibly be making that particular box so much heavier than the rest, he opened it,” the exec told The Post Thursday.”

“The first two coronavirus patients were accompanied by five body bags.”

“Within days, three of the bags were filled with the first of 30 residents who would die there after Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Health Department handed down its March 25 directive that bars nursing homes from refusing to admit “medically stable” coronavirus patients, the exec said.”

“Like clockwork, the nursing home has received five body bags a week — every week — from city officials.”

“Cuomo has blood on his hands. He really does. There’s no way to sugarcoat this,” the health care executive added.”

This is pure disgusting on Cuomo’s part, I would go as far as to call it insanity. Why would you be sending people with coronavirus to nursing homes where you have the elderly who are the biggest risk to catch the disease from someone who has it . In the first place unless I am missing something I always thought that when someone got that ill at a nursing home they would be sent to a hospital not the other way around from a hospital to a nursing home. Does that mean all the hospitals were filled and they sent these people with the disease to nursing homes and come what may if anybody in that nursing home caught it with a very big chance of dying. Keep in mind there were overnight hospitals being built overnight in the city plus a hospital ship sent by President Trump that was hardly ever used.  

This is such a scam by the New York governor, he wants an investigation on the nursing home’s, don’t make me laugh Cuomo, the investigation should be on you, you are disgusting!  



Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Unloads On Adam Schiff And John Brennan Are Domestic Enemies

It is heartening to hear a Democrat come out and stress the truth such as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii because it surely does not happen too often the way they are like sheep and follow the same talking points from their socialist leaders. As far as Adam Schiff goes he is nothing by a puke who for four years kept on stressing that he had proof on Trump-Russia but of course he never had any such thing. There is also the punk John Brennan who voted for the communist Presidential candidate in the late 70’s and of course he has always had communist tendencies especially at present when he has been running his mouth that we conservatives must be watched closely and naturally to pay attention to what we say, now what does that sound like to you?  

The following was posted by Rusty Weiss and Jeff Dunetz, published by The Lid: “The mob who stormed the Capitol on January 6 to try to stop Congress from carrying out its constitutional responsibilities were behaving like domestic enemies of our country,” Gabbard said.”

 “But let’s be clear, the John Brennans, Adam Schiffs, and the oligarchs in Big Tech who are trying to undermine our constitutionally protected rights and turn our country into a police state with KGB-style surveillance are also domestic enemies,” she continued.”

“Gabbard alleged that they are also “much more powerful, and therefore dangerous than the mob that stormed the Capitol.”

“I call upon you [and] all of Congress from both parties to denounce efforts by Brennan [and] others to take away our civil liberties endowed to us by our Creator [and] guaranteed in our Constitution,” Gabbard urged.”

Now you know as well as I do that if Tulsi Gabbard see’s though all this the radical socialist Democratic Party sees it also but why should they care, the conservative movement is all in to save our culture and Constitution whereas the socialists are out to destroy our culture and Constitution, that is their agenda and we stand in their way as did President Trump but here is the thing, we will always stand in the way of socialism because then you have Marxism and Communism so all I will say to you socialist pukes is bring it on! 

Socialist Joe Biden Is On The Road Of Eliminating One Million American Jobs

President Trump had made the United States self sufficient in oil and gas and stopped the reliance and blackmailing of the Middle east that hung over the United States for decades and the way he did that was by allowing oil exploration on federal lands and in the oceans and the gulf. This has cut oil prices and the biggest thing was as I said not relying on Middle East oil but this is about to change if it is allowed because President Joe Biden who has accepted the socialist polices of his radical left Democratic Party has already given his first example by stopping the Keystone pipeline.  

The following was posted by Andrew West, published by The Lid: “Frank Macchiarola, senior vice president of Policy, Economics, and Regulatory Affairs at the American Petroleum Institute (API), said in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Matt Boyle that if President Joe Biden puts a permanent ban on oil and gas development on federal waters and land, it could cost 1 million American jobs.” 

“Boyle asked Macchiarola about the significance of Biden revoking the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline and putting a 60-day pause on federal land leasing in his first days in office.”

 “I think the first four days of the Biden Administration have given a clear picture of what the next four years could look like,” he said. “President Biden comes into office with a real economic headwind and a difficult labor market but at the same time he inherited an energy [landscape] that’s stronger because of America’s shale revolution.”

“We’ve produced lower household energy costs as a result of U.S. energy and less reliance on foreign energy sources,” Macchiarola added.”

“The first few days should concern all Americans because the administration is clearly taking actions that are going to harm the economy and cost Americans jobs,” Macchiarola said.”

We patriots know what this is all about, we are not stupid, its all about windmills, solar energy and electric cars of which these all would be good for second sources of energy but not by taking away our main source which is oil. 

This is all about taking America away from being first such as exceptionism and get into the NWO mode which means the hell with our constitution of making sure the American people are taken care of first and this is only the first week into the Biden socialist administration. I don’t even want to think what these socialists have in store for We The People, but on the other hand we don’t have to think hard. 

There Must Be A Full Scale Conservative Movement To Overpower The Radical Left To Preserve The First Amendment To The Constitution

The msm and social media that follow the line of the radical socialist radical Democratic Party are now deciding what is acceptable to say under our freedom of the First Amendment to the constitution our freedom of speech but now it is social media who is to determine what our freedom of speech should be especially if you are a conservative.”

How you have former President Donald Trump who has been denied all access to social media, this should be unheard of in our society where we have freedom of speech but now it has become freedom of speech only if it is approved by the radical left social media. Here you have Donald Trump who is not even allowed to communicate with his millions of followers. This should be very disturbing to Democrats and Republicans alike.

The following was posted by Dr. Joel S. Holmes, published by The Lid: ” George Washington made the connection of free speech to all other freedoms very clear:”

“For if Men are to be precluded from offering their Sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences, that can invite the consideration of Mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of Speech may be taken away, and, dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.” 
“Democrat media, big tech, and political agents have launched a full-scale frontal assault on free speech during the last two months. Until then, it was slow guerilla warfare, but it’s now a full-scale war. People being tossed off of social media networks, Parler being closed down by leftists, calls for conservatives to be re-programmed and so much more, the leftist attacks against conservative 1st Amendment rights grow more frequent every day.”

We had in Donald Trump an outsider as President who was advocating cleaning the swamp and that put the deep state on alert that Trump was not to succeed and thats why from the first day he was President they never allowed him any peace as we remember from that phony Trump-Russia collusion that was all made up by Hillary Clinton to take attention away from her destroying 33,000 emails. 

So what are we to do and of course the easy answer is to destroy the present power structure in Washington that is on it’s way to socialism. The best this to do as I mentioned in another post is to start a new party with Donald Trump leading the way. You start off with Trumps base with 75-to 80 million people, add in millions of independents and there must be millions of disgrunted Kennedy Democrats that are very angry as to how their party has been hijacked by socialism.  

Whatever the case may be we cannot allow social media to tell us what we can or can’t say. These are very troubling and dangerous times and it’s only so long before the American people say enough is enough and we do know that day is coming. 

The Hell With The Establishment: If There Is Anyone Who Can Bring A Presidential Third Party To Victory It’s Donald J Trump

I always said that a Presidential third party was a waste of time because of the fact that it never gets enough votes to win and it hurts one of the two major parties but in the case of Donald Trump it would be different because the way the numbers come out it’s to his advantage and now you have the bulk of the Republican Party which did not back him up in relation to the election being stolen because they are timid to fight and naturally you have the never Trumpers who showed their true colors when Trump needed them the most and that includes the Republican state legislatures who would not even audit those corrupt Dominion voting machines. 

Not only is the Republican Party not backing Trump but you also have that moron Joe Biden who is talking about unity but he just makes me laugh, he is not going to unite anything considering he has already called us Trump voters names and he is going to move his party to the most progressive party since President Franklin Roosevelt. When Biden adds regulations the small business person will not expand as with Trump; when Biden raises taxes that will handcuff middle America; when Biden cancels the permits with the Keystone Pipeline and shuts off the spigot of oil exploration that will once again increase our reliance on Middle east oil; Biden mentions the fact that domestic terrorism will not be tolerated and I want to know how does he define domestic terrorism, could it be the Trump base? How about the summer riots that Biden justified them as being protesters; how about Biden who has been compromised with China because of him and his family accepting millions of dollars from the communist country. These are just a few of the Trump initiative’s that he will get rid of and not counting opening the southern border again and will stop building the wall and take away Trump’s America first and pushing once again the New World Order. All this is from a moron who said he wants to unit America, he’s not going to unite anybody. 

The 75 million people who voted for Trump and I will say it’s more like 80 million will also vote for him in a third party and add on top of that Biden will bring America back to the disastrous Obama years I feel Trump can pull through a victory. 

As we know the radical socialist Democratic Party are attempting to impeach Trump to destroy Trump forever but this will all come back to bite them because they forget who they are dealing with and that is Donald J. Trump. 

The Trump Presidency Interrupted The Radical Socialist Democrat Party Push To Socialize America:

After eight years of Obama with him stating as a Presidential candidate against Hillary Clinton “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” You remember that? Way early on showing such hatred for middle America and mind you the American people were offended by that statement all around our country. This was the direction Obama took American society during eight years of his Presidency and that is one of the reasons of the birth of Donald Trump who always talked of love of country and putting the American people first which drive the socialists crazy because putting America first surely does not match their socialist agenda. 

The following was posted by Gary Du, published by The Epoch Times: “Robert Unanue, Goya Foods President and CEO, said on Friday the political left has weaponized the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus to take away God, culture, history, and liberty from the people of the United States.”

“The problem is it’s a political year. They weaponized coronavirus. Unfortunately, they shut down this economy. The worst thing we could do is shut down our economy, kill our spirit. We need a reason to get up in the morning: God, family, work. And they are taking away our spirit, they’re taking away our ability to work,” Unanue told Fox News on Jan. 15.”

“They want to cancel God. They want to cancel our speech. They want to cancel our culture, our history, our liberty. They want to control us, the few controlling the many like a bunch of sheep. None of these people care about us, we can not move away from God. We need to love and to build, not hate and destroy,” he added.”

We cannot have more than a four year interruption in the Presidency and the Republicans must win back control of the House in 2022 and one thing is for sure the election laws must be followed so those six states who cheated to give Biden a stolen election will not be able to pull that again. The best way to cure this fiasco is a voter picture ID and if that was the case the Democrat Party would never win a Presidential election again. In the meantime We The People must not take our eyes off the ball, we are just too close to losing our republic to socialism and that would be a terrible day in hell. 

The Radical Socialist Democrat Party In The House Rushes To Impeach President Trump Solely To Prevent Him From Running In 2024

Not only does the socialist Democrat Party hate President Trump but they are petrified of his popularity and being the leader of the movement and that movement is putting America and it’s people first. Trump has transformed the Republican Party to being the working persons of which the Democrats always claimed they had but the truth is they never had it, it was a con job because they were never for the average person but instead they were for the big unions including the teachers union and they know that Trump has won over middle America and that he has an unstoppable movement that will carry Trump to the Presidency in 2024. 

An impeachment usually takes days as we know it but this rush job of a second impeachment only went a few hours and so much about uniting the country. They wanted to rush this to the Senate and not only to prevent him for running in 2024 but they want to destroy him permanently where he won’t even be able to receive Secret Service protection. Iran would be thrilled about that. 

The 10 Republicans in the House who voted with the Democrats will get theirs next time they run in their own primary’s. This is a President who brought America to new heights and he didn’t do anything wrong.  these were representatives who did not like him to begin with. 

Now you have constitutional lawyers who have different opinions if it’s possible to impeach a former President who is no longer holding office. Some say it can be done and others say it can’t considering the fact that Trump will be out of office when the Senate starts working on it.

We patriots know what the story is here, they are out to destroy President Trump for life and they can’t get more evil than that. We The People as well as President Trump will rise to the occasion and fight off this enemy of America, the socialist, radical, Democrat Party. 

Bombshell! Rep. Devin Nunes Is Calling For Racketeering Charges Into Big Tech Companies On Their Gaining Up Of Parler

It is happening all so very openly, conservatives across the country are under attack by big tech and it is so obvious of the fact that if twitter can permanently ban President Trump from their platform what the hell do you think they can do to us? But yet in the same light they are allowing Communist China on their platform plus other totalitarian regimes. On top of all this big tech have colluded and are trying to destroy a company by the name of Parler that were picking up millions of conservatives from the big tech companies and Parler has been demanded of by these big tech companies that they had to make certain changes otherwise they would not be carried on their platforms and Parler did not consent to their demands and they have been dropped by big tech companies including Apple. 

The following was posted by Zachary Stieber, published by The Epoch Times: A top Republican in the House of Representatives on Sunday called for a racketeering probe into large technology companies who over the weekend took action against Parler, a social media website.”

“This is clearly a violation of antitrust, civil rights, the RICO statute. There should be a racketeering investigation on all the people that coordinated this attack on not only a company but on all of those like us, like me, like you, Maria,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo.”

“After Twitter banned President Donald Trump and some other users, Parler saw its traffic explode. Soon, though, Google announced it had removed Parler from its online store, a move followed by Apple. Then, Amazon announced it was suspending Parler from its web hosting services.”

“Nunes also said the CEOs of the companies should be prosecuted criminally. He also said he has been talking to fellow members of Congress and that they’re exploring their legal options. And he also called on the Supreme Court and federal judges to step in and intervene.”

Every American, Democrat and Republican alike should be concerned with this and even the ACLU came out strong against the actions of Twitter in silencing the President of the United States. This is not the America I grew up in. They are all in collusion against conservatism, big tech, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party and lets not forget the universities that have empowered our youth. One thing all these conservative haters must understand and that is the fact that we conservatives will not shut up or go away, if this is the setting they want to present, bring it on! 

The Investigation Of The 2020 Presidential Election Must Continue: 75 Million Trump Voters Cannot Be Disenfranchised!

The radical socialist Democratic Party has run out the clock in the investigation of the Presidential election but the investigation must go on and from what I have been hearing it will go on but it will also take Americans who have been robbed of the victory of Trump winning the Presidency this must be kept on the top burner, this is a crime in the highest degree, election fraud and it must be all exposed, all the proof is there. 

The Democratic Party has it all figured out as to how to steal an election, they have been cheating for decades but now they have taken it to perfection and how are Republicans going to vote in any Presidential election in the future or any election for that matter with all this in mind, the suspicion will always be there so the investigation must go on for the sake of the republic.

There are many factors involved as to how all this could have been prevented which can be talked about in upcoming days but the biggest blame I give is to that pansy in the Supreme court Chief Justice John Roberts who was the deciding vote even before the election of allowing an illegal act by Pennsylvania of allowing other than their legislative to change election laws and later on top of that not accepting the Texas case all because Roberts didn’t want to get his hands dirty and was afraid of riots but in the meantime disregarded the Constitution of the United States. 

Over all the institutions have failed us in regard to the biggest responsibility you and me have and that is to exercised our right to vote and yes, the investigation to election fraud must go on if we are to have the confidence to go to the polls in the future. 

It’s Happening! “GOP Senators, Led By Cruz, to Object to Electoral College Certification”

President Trump has had a career of losing some and winning some and after a good fight the ones that he lost was so be it, he is not a sore loser but in the case of this Presidential election he knows he won and that it was stolen so he surely is not going to wait till 2024 without a good fight to keep his Presidency. In the House of Representatives there are somewhere around 140 Republicans who will object to the electoral college certificate and I was saying to myself that there was only one, Sen. Josh Hawley from Missouri, but where the hell were the other ones till now.

The following was posted by Adam Shaw, published by Fox News,  A group of GOP senators led by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, will object to the Jan. 6 certification of the presidential election results next week unless there is an emergency 10-day audit of the results by an electoral commission.”
“Cruz and the other senators claim the Nov. 3 election “featured unprecedented allegations of voter fraud and illegal conduct.”

“Joining Cruz are Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.; James Lankford, R-Okla.; Steve Daines, R-Mont.; John Kennedy, R-La.; Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., and Mike Braun, R-Ind.; as well as Sens.-elect Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo.; Roger Marshall, R-Kansas; Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., and Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala.” 

“Voter fraud has posed a persistent challenge in our elections, although its breadth and scope are disputed,” the lawmakers said Saturday in a statement. “By any measure, the allegations of fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election exceed any in our lifetimes.”

For the Democrats that are in denial and keep on saying that the election was not stolen I must encourage them if they have the guts to tune in on January 6th and they will see and hear all the evidence they want, the thing is they won’t want to once they hear the first evidence that comes out of voter fraud and then they will continue to put their head’s in the sand. 

I like the idea of what the above Republican Senators came out with to have an “emergency 10-day audit of the results by an electoral commission.” So how about it you radical socialist Democrat Party, show the country if you have any guts and surprise everybody!