The Investigation Of The 2020 Presidential Election Must Continue: 75 Million Trump Voters Cannot Be Disenfranchised!

The radical socialist Democratic Party has run out the clock in the investigation of the Presidential election but the investigation must go on and from what I have been hearing it will go on but it will also take Americans who have been robbed of the victory of Trump winning the Presidency this must be kept on the top burner, this is a crime in the highest degree, election fraud and it must be all exposed, all the proof is there. 

The Democratic Party has it all figured out as to how to steal an election, they have been cheating for decades but now they have taken it to perfection and how are Republicans going to vote in any Presidential election in the future or any election for that matter with all this in mind, the suspicion will always be there so the investigation must go on for the sake of the republic.

There are many factors involved as to how all this could have been prevented which can be talked about in upcoming days but the biggest blame I give is to that pansy in the Supreme court Chief Justice John Roberts who was the deciding vote even before the election of allowing an illegal act by Pennsylvania of allowing other than their legislative to change election laws and later on top of that not accepting the Texas case all because Roberts didn’t want to get his hands dirty and was afraid of riots but in the meantime disregarded the Constitution of the United States. 

Over all the institutions have failed us in regard to the biggest responsibility you and me have and that is to exercised our right to vote and yes, the investigation to election fraud must go on if we are to have the confidence to go to the polls in the future. 


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