Bombshell! Rep. Devin Nunes Is Calling For Racketeering Charges Into Big Tech Companies On Their Gaining Up Of Parler

It is happening all so very openly, conservatives across the country are under attack by big tech and it is so obvious of the fact that if twitter can permanently ban President Trump from their platform what the hell do you think they can do to us? But yet in the same light they are allowing Communist China on their platform plus other totalitarian regimes. On top of all this big tech have colluded and are trying to destroy a company by the name of Parler that were picking up millions of conservatives from the big tech companies and Parler has been demanded of by these big tech companies that they had to make certain changes otherwise they would not be carried on their platforms and Parler did not consent to their demands and they have been dropped by big tech companies including Apple. 

The following was posted by Zachary Stieber, published by The Epoch Times: A top Republican in the House of Representatives on Sunday called for a racketeering probe into large technology companies who over the weekend took action against Parler, a social media website.”

“This is clearly a violation of antitrust, civil rights, the RICO statute. There should be a racketeering investigation on all the people that coordinated this attack on not only a company but on all of those like us, like me, like you, Maria,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo.”

“After Twitter banned President Donald Trump and some other users, Parler saw its traffic explode. Soon, though, Google announced it had removed Parler from its online store, a move followed by Apple. Then, Amazon announced it was suspending Parler from its web hosting services.”

“Nunes also said the CEOs of the companies should be prosecuted criminally. He also said he has been talking to fellow members of Congress and that they’re exploring their legal options. And he also called on the Supreme Court and federal judges to step in and intervene.”

Every American, Democrat and Republican alike should be concerned with this and even the ACLU came out strong against the actions of Twitter in silencing the President of the United States. This is not the America I grew up in. They are all in collusion against conservatism, big tech, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party and lets not forget the universities that have empowered our youth. One thing all these conservative haters must understand and that is the fact that we conservatives will not shut up or go away, if this is the setting they want to present, bring it on! 


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