The Radical Socialist Democrat Party In The House Rushes To Impeach President Trump Solely To Prevent Him From Running In 2024

Not only does the socialist Democrat Party hate President Trump but they are petrified of his popularity and being the leader of the movement and that movement is putting America and it’s people first. Trump has transformed the Republican Party to being the working persons of which the Democrats always claimed they had but the truth is they never had it, it was a con job because they were never for the average person but instead they were for the big unions including the teachers union and they know that Trump has won over middle America and that he has an unstoppable movement that will carry Trump to the Presidency in 2024. 

An impeachment usually takes days as we know it but this rush job of a second impeachment only went a few hours and so much about uniting the country. They wanted to rush this to the Senate and not only to prevent him for running in 2024 but they want to destroy him permanently where he won’t even be able to receive Secret Service protection. Iran would be thrilled about that. 

The 10 Republicans in the House who voted with the Democrats will get theirs next time they run in their own primary’s. This is a President who brought America to new heights and he didn’t do anything wrong.  these were representatives who did not like him to begin with. 

Now you have constitutional lawyers who have different opinions if it’s possible to impeach a former President who is no longer holding office. Some say it can be done and others say it can’t considering the fact that Trump will be out of office when the Senate starts working on it.

We patriots know what the story is here, they are out to destroy President Trump for life and they can’t get more evil than that. We The People as well as President Trump will rise to the occasion and fight off this enemy of America, the socialist, radical, Democrat Party. 


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