The Hell With The Establishment: If There Is Anyone Who Can Bring A Presidential Third Party To Victory It’s Donald J Trump

I always said that a Presidential third party was a waste of time because of the fact that it never gets enough votes to win and it hurts one of the two major parties but in the case of Donald Trump it would be different because the way the numbers come out it’s to his advantage and now you have the bulk of the Republican Party which did not back him up in relation to the election being stolen because they are timid to fight and naturally you have the never Trumpers who showed their true colors when Trump needed them the most and that includes the Republican state legislatures who would not even audit those corrupt Dominion voting machines. 

Not only is the Republican Party not backing Trump but you also have that moron Joe Biden who is talking about unity but he just makes me laugh, he is not going to unite anything considering he has already called us Trump voters names and he is going to move his party to the most progressive party since President Franklin Roosevelt. When Biden adds regulations the small business person will not expand as with Trump; when Biden raises taxes that will handcuff middle America; when Biden cancels the permits with the Keystone Pipeline and shuts off the spigot of oil exploration that will once again increase our reliance on Middle east oil; Biden mentions the fact that domestic terrorism will not be tolerated and I want to know how does he define domestic terrorism, could it be the Trump base? How about the summer riots that Biden justified them as being protesters; how about Biden who has been compromised with China because of him and his family accepting millions of dollars from the communist country. These are just a few of the Trump initiative’s that he will get rid of and not counting opening the southern border again and will stop building the wall and take away Trump’s America first and pushing once again the New World Order. All this is from a moron who said he wants to unit America, he’s not going to unite anybody. 

The 75 million people who voted for Trump and I will say it’s more like 80 million will also vote for him in a third party and add on top of that Biden will bring America back to the disastrous Obama years I feel Trump can pull through a victory. 

As we know the radical socialist Democratic Party are attempting to impeach Trump to destroy Trump forever but this will all come back to bite them because they forget who they are dealing with and that is Donald J. Trump. 


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