Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Unloads On Adam Schiff And John Brennan Are Domestic Enemies

It is heartening to hear a Democrat come out and stress the truth such as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii because it surely does not happen too often the way they are like sheep and follow the same talking points from their socialist leaders. As far as Adam Schiff goes he is nothing by a puke who for four years kept on stressing that he had proof on Trump-Russia but of course he never had any such thing. There is also the punk John Brennan who voted for the communist Presidential candidate in the late 70’s and of course he has always had communist tendencies especially at present when he has been running his mouth that we conservatives must be watched closely and naturally to pay attention to what we say, now what does that sound like to you?  

The following was posted by Rusty Weiss and Jeff Dunetz, published by The Lid: “The mob who stormed the Capitol on January 6 to try to stop Congress from carrying out its constitutional responsibilities were behaving like domestic enemies of our country,” Gabbard said.”

 “But let’s be clear, the John Brennans, Adam Schiffs, and the oligarchs in Big Tech who are trying to undermine our constitutionally protected rights and turn our country into a police state with KGB-style surveillance are also domestic enemies,” she continued.”

“Gabbard alleged that they are also “much more powerful, and therefore dangerous than the mob that stormed the Capitol.”

“I call upon you [and] all of Congress from both parties to denounce efforts by Brennan [and] others to take away our civil liberties endowed to us by our Creator [and] guaranteed in our Constitution,” Gabbard urged.”

Now you know as well as I do that if Tulsi Gabbard see’s though all this the radical socialist Democratic Party sees it also but why should they care, the conservative movement is all in to save our culture and Constitution whereas the socialists are out to destroy our culture and Constitution, that is their agenda and we stand in their way as did President Trump but here is the thing, we will always stand in the way of socialism because then you have Marxism and Communism so all I will say to you socialist pukes is bring it on! 


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