A Federal Judge Has Taken Notice Of The Fact That The Main Stream Media Is Out Of Control And Threatens Our Democracy

We Patriots know that the mainstream and high tech social media have gone out of control and are in it for one party rule which is the radical, socialist, Democratic Party. You can just go to the last Presidential election to see how obvious the msm media has made that just by them suppressing news that would have been bad for China Joe Biden where they would not report the fact that Hunter Biden including Joe Biden had accepted millions of dollars from communist China and they had taken a poll that many normal Democrats would not have voted for Biden if they knew of this and the same thing applies to the fact the msm did not report the election fraud that was going on in six blue states but thank goodness the stolen election issue is not finished yet.   

The following was published by Newsmax: “A conservative judge on the influential federal appeals court in Washington used his dissent in a defamation case to lambaste most U.S. media outlets for trumpeting “shocking” anti-Republican views, and call for libel laws to be revised to make it easier to sue the press.”

“The New York Times and The Washington Post are “virtually Democratic Party broadsheets,” while the news section of the Wall Street Journal “leans in the same direction,” said U.S. Circuit Judge Laurence Silberman, who added the major television outlets and Silicon Valley giants were similarly biased.”

“One-party control of the press and media is a threat to a viable democracy,” Silberman wrote. He exempted from his criticism of “Democratic ideological control” Fox News, The New York Post, and The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page. But he lamented that these outlets are “controlled by a single man and his son,” a reference to Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, and questioned how long they could hold out.”

We have been laughed at around the world as to how a sitting President at the time Donald Trump was censured from high tech social media. I have written before that our Founders gave us freedom of the press but not to suppress news and stop conflicting news, you might as well call this communism and my patriots that is what the Democrat Party is leaning to, they are socialist now and are heading to communism. Are We The People going to allow this to happen? No way ever! 


2 comments on “A Federal Judge Has Taken Notice Of The Fact That The Main Stream Media Is Out Of Control And Threatens Our Democracy

  1. Andrea Moss says:

    Miss your articles so much John! Keep writing and telling the truth! Prayers for our Country! Andrea Moss

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