Marxism Is Pushing Full Steam Ahead Into The American School System

When I was a child going to school in the 1950’s there was no worry from our parents about what the educators would teach us when it came to American history, it was love of country and conveyed to us by our teachers in the mannerism of teaching what America did to get to the status of economic and world dominance, there was no downgrading of America, America excels in exceptionism, there wasn’t even an afterthought to the fact and because true teaching methods were used there would never be. Who would have ever thought back at that timeline that Marxism would be in all our school system from grammar school all the way to our universities and the sad part is that it was allowed to happen in front of our eyes as though why question it; why question that school prayer was taken out of our schools; why question that God was taken out of The Pledge of Allegiance even though the Congress under the Eisenhower administration voted to put it in; why question that through the years the American history books were attacked with limited information as to the greatness of America; why question the fact that the American Constitution is very rarely taught and we are now going to fast forward to todays demise of the American school system.   

following was posted by Brian Evans and published by ENR ( Evans News Report ). “In recent years, the Democrat Party has focused its push for left-wing ca idates by utilizing Political Action Committees to raise millions in revenue, and Marxist based groups like the left wing #RedforEd teachers movement, which was launched in Arizona in March 2018 by then 23-year-old Noah Karvelis and several other young 2016 Bernie Sanders supporters who had been embedded in the teachers union with the help of the president of the Arizona Education Association, Joe Thomas.”  

“Now, once again, Marxists are spinning their deceptive web, as they have drawn in school teachers across the nation, to join in with the #RedforEd Marxist movement, while failing to inform the teachers of their true intentions, knowing that even most educators lack the basic fundamental historical background and knowledge, to connect the dots between the current Marxist movements like #RedforEd, and past pro-Marxist and Fascist movements.”  

“Even more concerning, is the fact that the largest public teachers union, the NEA (National Education Association), not only was founded on communist ideology, it has been promoting communism, and cleverly deceiving it as a grassroots workers movement, much like Marxist movements of the past! In fact, the NEA has viewed the importance of converting educators into their Marxist ranks as imperative, being the teachers are one of the major influences on the younger generations of Americans!”  

“In fact, the NEA has actively worked to not only push communism but to ‘dumb-down the students throughout America, in regards to the history of our nation, as well as, the history of communism itself!”   “Therefore, the NEA, combined with the pro-Marxist group ‘The Center for American Progress, was able to remove books, so that they could dumb-down the future electorate, in an effort to slowly shift America from the land of the free to the home of the collective!”

“Today, as a result of the NEA and other left-wing Marxist organizations like #RedforEd, history, government, economics, and civic education have all but been eliminated from the classrooms, leaving the future electorate disassociated from reality. Therefore, it has left America ripe for a Marxist takeover, as laid out in Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’!”

Marxism and Communism have their own commandments as to how to take over a society in this case being America and on top of the list is brainwash it’s youth and penetrate the workforce in this case being the unions and naturally they have others that I will not get into with this post. I know for a fact that if Donald Trump remained President in his second term he was going to work on our school systems which he already had project 1776  implemented by executive order and one of the first things China Joe Biden deleted was project 1776, so what does that tell you? 

The most importing thing I can suggest to parents is get your kids out of these Marxist schools, look into what is best for your children. Homeschool, charter schools and I know the decision is hard because it disrupts the family and it can be expensive but one thing is for sure you need to get your child out of the Marxist school system that are putting out children into our society that is not what you want your children to be and that is a bunch of Marxists who will be out to change our culture and constitution. We The People must get involved in this matter before its too late, we must not allow these evil people to take over our children and what people are these, the radical, socialist, Democratic Party. 


7 comments on “Marxism Is Pushing Full Steam Ahead Into The American School System

  1. dolphinwrite says:

    Thanks for your article. Just adding something key. What “they” are doing, through politics (laws, regulations, and shows), Hollywood, Sports “leaders” (Which is why they don’t want Tebow in the NFL.), and local regulations is all designed to demoralize, dehumanize, and corrupt us. They know, if they corrupt us, and the youth (Which is why they spend so much money propagandizing them, but also creating laws that destroy the family, separating the youth from their parents, causing parents to become afraid to take the serious responsibility of properly raising their children.), their will be no one to stand up against them. They must destroy the fabric of morality to do this, just like they did in the Soviet Union, but they have more methods today at their disposal. Yes, they are evil. They are willing to destroy everyone’s morality, and we see these attempts in confusing us about real relationships, real marriage (and the importance of marriage), and traditional (real) identities. They want people feeling sorry for mentally ill people as if they were normal, rather than truly helping them, so we won’t correct the behaviors and stand in moral contrast to a growing evil. It’s so easy to see, if one understand principles, traditional life (Which is normal life.), and the history of communist nations. And that’s why there’s so much propaganda, because they can’t afford to give us a sane breathe.

    • johnapappas says:

      Thank you for your reply and I agree with you; what they are doing is basic Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky and all the other Marxist’s. It’s all about destroying our culture and when you destroy the culture the constitution is not far behind. They are disrupting our society by attacking the moral norms such as transgender’s and the bathroom fiasco and destroying women’s sports and implementing woke into our military and the list is never-ending until they take over our society. But as we are watching there is an awakening of mother’s who are attacking our school system to protect our youth and you know the Marxist’s number one plan is to take over our youth but I believe there is something good coming out of this and that is the American people are waking up.

      • dolphinwrite says:

        They are also turning the students into “informers.” If that’s not the Soviet Union/ Communist playbook, I don’t know what is….

        • johnapappas says:

          Do you recall what they were doing with the masks, they had informers too turning in people who were not wearing masks and that is in the same principle that you stated.

          • dolphinwrite says:

            A friend considered the vaccine card similar to the Jewish Star worn in early half of the last century.

            • johnapappas says:

              If the American people are to be required in the future to show the vaccine card as proof of being vaccinated it would be very easy to prove it unconstitutional.

              • dolphinwrite says:

                True, but “they’ve” been doing a ton of things unconstitutional, and though much is in the courts, much stays in the courts year after year while they continue to take rights away. If we compare what our life was like early on to today, it’s a far cry different, and even so from when our parents were young. If the founding fathers knew what was going on today, they’d rise from the grave in protest.

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