The Corrupt DOJ Is Now In Action Considering H.R.1 Was Rejected By The Congress

The Department of Justice is now in full attack mode since the U.S. Congress has rejected the Marxist H.R.1 labeled “For The People Act” which would have federally legalized cheating in any future Presidential election in the same light as cheating was used by the radical, socialist, Democratic Party which created the master plan to steal the Presidential election from Donald Trump.   

The following was posted by Solange  Reyner:  “The Department of Justice suing Georgia over voting restrictions is a ”cover-up” for the Biden administration’s failure to pass the For the People Act, says former Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga.”

”This is all about a cover-up. They failed on their For the People Act, their government takeover of elections,” Collins said Friday during an appearance on Newsmax’s ”Stinchfield.”

”Joe Biden has egg on his face. He’s having to appease to the left so he’s using the old Obama technique of using the Department of Justice in a political role, and that’s what this is. That’s all this is — they’re failing miserably, so they lied to the American people.”

As we know by now there are states out there that presently have more rigid voter requirements than Georgia and one of them being China Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware. The crooked DOJ is now going to go out of their way to intimidate anything that has to to with voter integrity to protect their boss Joe Biden because it’s all coming out now and it is well known in the socialist Democratic Party that without cheating they cannot win a national election and you can include in the formula all the illegal immigrants that the socialists are allowing to cross our southern border that will be voting Democrat but that’s a subject for another day.

We patriots will not be intimidated by the corrupt DOJ. This DOJ is walking on thin ice to begin with because the ice is ready to crack under their feet and when it does President Trump will be there to put them all where they belong and that would be a prison cell. All I can say is these people have some nerve to be acting the way they are when they know that their boss China Joe Biden is an illegitimate President and I won’t even say “how you figure” because these deep state socialist’s have no sense of shame whatsoever but when this is all over the goal must be to instill a sense of shame in these lowlifes. 


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