Former Attorney General Bill Barr Had Previously Warned The Nation About Mail-In Ballots But Now He Has Changed His Tune

Why would an important position of Attorney General in this case being former Attorney General Bill Barr back in September of 2020 in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer warn the American people that mail-in ballots can cause voter fraud and then reverse his course of feeling’s on the subject even after in Georgia, openly showed in Georgia where ballot inspectors were sent home due to a phony plumbing leak and then on video it was shown how ballots were taken from under tables and the cheating started with ballots shown being counted numerous times and mind you once again all this was picked up on video but yet at that time Barr claimed there was no proof of voter fraud, give me a break!   

The following was posted by Staff Writers, published by The American Digest: ” Attorney General Bill Barr sat for an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, and in the process unleashed fury on the Democrat-propagated myth that voting by mail is safe and secure.”

“Barr warned during the interview that those “trying to change the rules” of how US elections are conducted are “playing with fire.”

“The Democrat party — both progressive and establishment — is united over the recent push to implement vote-by-mail processes for the November election, using concerns about COVID-19 as an excuse. However, Barr pointed out that prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, both Democrats and Republicans agreed that voting by mail was fraught with dangers and potential for fraud.”

“Barr reminded Blitzer of an authoritative and bipartisan report released in 2005 by the Commission on Election Reform, chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker, who declared at the time that vote by mail is “likely to increase the risks of fraud and of contested elections.”

As you can see with Barr’s statement’s above in just a few months later he took a complete about face with all the evidence coming in of election fraud which was leading to a stolen election by the radical, socialist, Democratic Party with a hand’s off policy from former AG Bill Barr and his DOJ.

My patriots this does not just happen with the flip of a coin, Bill Barr buckled over and this leads to the fact that he was gotten to by whatever methods that are usually used in cases like this and I believe he was threatened by whatever sources that were involved. 

I have openly put myself on the line by saying that the stolen election will be proven and that’s when I would like to see the like’s of Bill Barr as to how he will handle the real truth. The thing is I believe that former AG Bill Barr knows the truth but he decided to go the easy route and write a book of lies and I would love to see Barr come out and I doubt it that he made a mistake, that’s the least he could do, but I surely will not hold my breath. 


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