Devastating News For Joe Biden: Pennsylvania Court Strikes Down Mail- In Voting Law Which Proves Joe Biden Stole Pennsylvania

More than 2.6 million Pennsylvanians voted via mail – in ballots which was unconstitutional at the time but Pennsylvania led it slide anyway. This is 20 electoral votes that don’t belong to China Joe Biden but belong to Trump. I don’t know how they are going to handle this but this will bring down Biden’s electoral count to 285 with five other battleground states still in the mix of court battles going on. Naturally the Marxist’s will appeal this ruling but the train is now on the track.   

The following was posted by Jack Phillips, published by The Epoch Times: “The Pennsylvania court struck down the state’s mail-in voting law on Friday and said the Pennsylvania Constitution requires voters to cast their ballots in person unless they meet specific requirements.”   “If presented to the people, a constitutional amendment… is likely to be adopted. But a constitutional amendment must be presented to the people” before measures like Act 77 can take effect, the court wrote Friday. Act 77 was passed in the Pennsylvania Legislature and signed into law in 2019 by Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf.”  

“Following the 2020 election, Republicans criticized Pennsylvania court decisions, including one that allowed mail-in ballots to be counted up to three days after the 2020 election so as long as they were postmarked by Election Day.”

“Big news out of Pennsylvania, great patriotic spirit is developing at a level that nobody thought possible,” former President Donald Trump said in a statement that celebrated the Pennsylvania ruling on Friday. “Make America Great Again!”

This is a great day for voter integrity which will give Republicans confidence to vote that their vote will be applied properly and only legal ballots counted. How this will be handled is the question, by right it must be decertified but it’s starting to show that phony in the White House, Joe Biden is an illegitimate president what I have been writing about all along and now this will give the other battleground states the confidence to move on with their present court battles and the American people will start realizing that the 2020 presidential election was in fact stolen by China Joe Biden and his radical, Marxist, Democratic Party. Just as a side note the latest polls show that 56% of the American people feel that the Presidential election was stolen. 


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