The Strategic Petroleum Reserves Was Put in Place for National Emergencies Not for Joe Biden’s Socialist Failures

Joe Biden as American’s are finding out is evil to the core. The first act he did was eliminate the Keystone Pipeline which was to produce eight million gallons of oil a day; he stopped drilling on federal lands; he stopped offshore drilling as well as in Alaska all for the purpose of destroying the American fossil fuel industry to make way for green energy which is no replacement to keep the industrial might of the United States going, if this is not treasonous I don’t know what is except for opening our southern borders. These Marxist’s are crazy, they are willing to destroy the United States and replace fossil fuel with a replacement that will not work. 

The following was posted by Faye Higbee, Jeff Dunetz, published by The Lid: ” Biden announced that he will release 1 million barrels of oil PER DAY from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves for the next six months to “bring down gas prices.” A cynic would say it’s just a PR move that [coincedntly?] ends just before the midterm election.”

“He blames Russia and the oil companies But but as soon as Dementia Joe became president and started canceling access to drilling and pipelines, costs began to rise. In fact, they began to jump right after election day—as soon as commodity traders discovered Biden was going to occupy the oval office. On election day 2020, the average price of regular gas was $2.11/gallon. On Inauguration Day 2021, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas was $2.38/gallon, and 13 months later, on Valentine’s day 2022, ten days before the Russians invaded Ukraine, the price was $3.64/gallon. Sure it went up even higher after Putin invaded Ukraine. Still, ten days before the war, the price had already increased by 73% since commodity traders began to freak out because they anticipated what Biden would do and 53% from Inauguration day.”

“In this latest failure, clueless Joe showed himself to historically short-sighted and political move, our strategic reserves will be cut in half. If we have an existential emergency, it will be at zero before long. And Biden has no logical plan to refill the reserves. We ask again: can America withstand another nearly 3 years of this administration? It’s already making our great nation nearly unrecognizable.”

China Joe Biden can play all the political games he wants, what’s dangerous like in this case he is putting America in danger of lowering our petroleum reserves such as needed if in case of war. There is nothing China Joe Biden can do for the November 8, congressional elections, his radical, Marxist Democratic Party is finished, the American people are pissed off and the question is how much will the Marxist’s be hurting after the elections. The goal will be to take over 65 seats in the House and take over the Senate, if this can be done the Marxist’s bums will be set back for decades. That is the goal now let’s all get to work! 


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