America’s Eyes Are Watching Arizona: Judge Has Allowed Kari Lake to Go to Trial Over Very Possible Cheating

The crooked election officials who oversee Arizona’s election laws have been sued by Kari Lake and her campaign and a judge is allowing Kari Lake to go to trial, these officials know that most of Republicans vote on the same day in this case being November 8. but a funny thing happened on the way to the farm. The night before the voting machines passed inspection but on the day of the voting over 60% of the machines did not work causing thousands of voters to wait in line, many not voting at all, many not being to find parking. 

The following was posted by Ryan King, published The Washington Examiner:  Lake had brought forward a civil complaint earlier this month to overturn her 2022 midterm election loss against Democrat Katie Hobbs. Judge Peter Thompson decided that two claims, one regarding her allegations about illegal tabulator configurations and the other about violations pertaining to ballot chain of custody, can move forward.”

To be successful in her lawsuit, Lake’s legal team must prove that “printer malfunctions were intentional, and directed to affect the results of the election, and that such actions did actually affect the outcome,” according to the judge. She must also show that the lack of chain of custody was “both intentional and did in fact result in a changed outcome.”

“Lake had seized on voting printer malfunctions in Maricopa County during the midterm election and procedural issues surrounding the execution of the election in her lawsuit as evidence that the midterm cycle was rife with malfeasance.”

“In the claim about tabulator configurations, she alleged that malfunctioning printers in Maricopa County left them vulnerable to hacking and blamed the situation on “intentional action.” In the second claim, she alleged that there were breaches of policy for the chain of custody of ballots.”

Democrat Katie Hobbs was in hiding throughout the whole campaign, being scared to debate Kari Lake knowing it would be no contest knowing Kari would show the corruptness of the people who were running Arizona, Katie Hobbs being one of them. 

We can only hope, a win by Lake would cause I would think a recount or revote, this is very interesting indeed. 

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