Supreme Court Packing Must Not Be Allowed To Happen: Republican Senators Are Pushing A Constitutional Amendment

The Republican Senate is now ready to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and the radical left socialist Democratic Party is up in arms of that fact and they are looking for ways to get even and one of the ways would be to pack the Supreme court with more justices but of course that cannot happen unless they take control of the Senate but regardless they are thinking of doing just that which would make the Supreme Court meaningless because of the fact let’s say next time around the Republicans take the Senate back, does that mean the Republican senate packs even more to the high court? Give me a break!  

The following was posted by Jennie Taer, published by Sara Carter:  “Republican senators are pushing forward a constitutional amendment that mandates the Supreme Court only has nine justices, The Hill is reporting.”

“The move comes as former Vice President and 2020 Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden refuses to answer whether he would “pack the court,” meaning add more than the traditional nine justices.”

“With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and President Donald Trump’s subsequent nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, the question remains whether Biden would add to the court or accept the expected confirmation of Judge Barrett.”

Now adding an amendment to the Constitution is no easy task because it requires three-fourths of the states to ratify it but in this case it is worth the hard work to do it considering that if packing of the court is allowed we would just become a banana republic with court decisions becoming purely political and the court would become diluted with so many justices. 

As I have written on a number of occasions President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court in the 1930’s because he felt he was constantly losing decisions to the Republican court at that time but both parties in the Senate called that ridiculas and the court was never packed but it seems now that if the radical Democrats in the Senate had the same opportunity to pack the court they  would do it which lacks wisdom but on the other hand since when have socialists had any wisdom!   

George Soros Continues To Dig His Heel In The American Political System By Tripling His Election Spending To $70 Million

The snake George Soros and his organizations have been notorious for dishing out millions of dollars to cause trouble in our streets such as the riots we have been experiencing in most of the blue states but there is another part of America that he has been pouring record breaking dollars so as to get as many radical socialists of the Democratic Party elected and that has been in state legislatures wherever socialists have had a good chance to win.  

The following was posted by Joe Schoffstall, published by The Washington Free Beacon: “Liberal billionaire George Soros has funneled nearly $70 million into the 2020 elections, tripling his previous record, new filings show.” 

“The Democracy PAC, a super PAC created by Soros to fund left-wing groups working to defeat Republicans, has poured $68.5 million into electoral efforts this cycle, according to the Federal Election Commission. That sum is $46 million more than Soros’s previous high of $22 million, which came during the last presidential cycle.”

“The billionaire has amplified his election spending as deep-pocketed donors attempt to oust Trump from office and flip control of the Senate to Democrats. Soros’s cash is part of a spending blitz that has primarily benefited Joe Biden. So far this cycle, outside spending has exceeded $1 billion and is on track to shatter previous records.”

George Soros has been banned from countries such as Russia that if he steps foot on their soil he will be arrested for being a threat to their national security as they have stressed it. Now you have a spokesperson of Soros that is going around saying that does not apply to Soros himself but to his organizations, well what do you expect him to say, Soros is not even favored in the country of his birth which is Hungary. 

Whatever the case may be George the snake Soros is an evil man, he is surely evil for America with his main objective being is to turn American society into socialism and  he has been pouring millions of dollars into state legislatures to do so and the day must come when the liquid assets of George Soros and his organizations must be seized. Just by him and his organizations spending millions of dollars to cause mayhem in our streets should be enough to throw him out of the United States of America. DOJ, are you listening! 

The Biden Family Via Hunter And Joe Biden Have Masterminded The Crime Of The Century But Social Media And The MSM Suppress It

The New York Post has published recently that former Vice-President Joe Biden has been lying to the American public that he was not involved with Hunter Biden’s dealings with an Ukrainian energy firm.  The NY Post has come out with an explosive email that proves that Joe Biden has been lying to the American people all this time. 

The following was posted by Emma Jo- Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge, published by the New York Post: ” Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The Post.”

“The never-before-revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, allegedly sent Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015, about a year after Hunter joined the Burisma board at a reported salary of up to $50,000 a month.”

“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure,” the email reads.”

This my patriots is the crime of the century and the social media and msn  is suppressing it to protect their boy Joe Biden. There is also the problem of social media that there have been some people that have been trying to write about it that have been censured and there are some in the Republican Senate who have taken notice of the fact. 

The following was posted by Marisa Schultz, published by Fox News: ” The Senate Judiciary Committee leaders announced they will vote on a subpoena Tuesday for Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, to testify before the committee on Friday, Oct. 23. Hawley said he hoped the committee would vote to subpoena Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, too.”

“A Facebook spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment, while Twitter declined to comment on the GOP requests to appear on Capitol Hill.”

“The action comes as both Twitter and Facebook took steps to stop the widespread dissemination of an explosive New York Post report this week that purports to show emails from Hunter Biden linking his father to his Ukraine business dealings.”

The New York Post is a very reputable publication with a hugh circulation, they are no fly by nites for sure. As a matter of fact they have been around since the American Revolution because they were created by one of our founders Alexander Hamilton himself. It is very obvious that these two media social giants are out to protect Joe Biden but there is big news ahead considering Hunter Biden has a hard drive out there with thousands of emails and pictures of him as he was having problems with drugs.

Yes this should be the crime of the century and just picture if a Republican was involved with such shenanigans and what makes it worse you have Chinese companies handing the Bidens millions of dollars and of course these companies are affiliated with China and what does that mean, well that famous term Quid Pro Quo.  

The World Health Organization Is Finally Coming To Reality With Their Latest Instruction: “Stop Using Lockdown As Your Primary Control Method”

I remember back in March when President Trump said “you cant let the cure be worse than the problem itself” it was a big joke. Trump knew that the country could not constantly stay on lockdown because of adverse effects, such as economic turmoil, unemployment reaching sky high proportions, closing down of restaurants, bars, theaters, music clubs and gyms and to this day there are some blue states that are still following this catastrophe which is causing a long term demise. The world Health Organization is finally suggesting to world leaders to start unlocking. 

The following was posted by Jarrett Staff, published by  Gregg Jarrett: ” The World Health Organization has a strong message to the world: stop the shutdowns. When it comes to individuals’ health as COVID-19 sweeps the globe, the WHO warns to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method.” “We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” said Dr. David Nabarro.”

“In an interview with The Spectator’s Andrew Neil, Nabarro said, “the only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted…” However, “by and large, we’d rather not do it” explained Nabarro.”

“Dr. Nabarro is the Special Envoy on COVID-19 for the WHO, and says the WHO is speaking to all world leaders: “stop using lockdown as your primary control method.” The time for reorganizing and regrouping has come and gone. Now the entire global economy is suffering, and poverty is on the rise.”

Here in the United States you have those bonehead governors in blue states such as New York, Michigan, California, Nevada who still have strict restrictions on their citizens that there is no need for it considering people know by now what warrants unsafe conditions and actually are putting people against each other just by  the use or no use of the mask. Some blue states have lifted many of their restrictions but not enough to say they are out of their lockdowns. 

I live in Nevada and just today Wynn Encore came out and advised they are cutting days and hours because of business being down and you know darn well the other casinos will follow. It’s true that President Trump left it up to the governors of the states to determine their own responsibilities but not to the extent of becoming dictators with their power plays. This my patriots shows you exactly how socialism runs the affairs of state, the governors with their luxury lives run it with the attitude, do as I say but not as I do!  

The Radical Socialist Democratic Party Openly Shows Hate For Anyone Who Disagrees With Their Marxist March To Power

The radical socialist Democratic Party has gone away from the statement that Obama made popular which was “elections have consequences.” That statement no longer has credence with the Marxist Democratic Party and that is why in the question of the Democratic Party packing the Supreme  Court if they were to win the election Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not answer the question because their true intention is to pack the Court with more justices and the last President who attempted that was Democrat Franklin Roosevelt because he was angry at the time with the Republican court so he figured he would change it but the problem with Roosevelt’s idea at the time was that both the Democrats and the Republicans in the Senate thought it was a ridiculous idea and naturally Biden and Harris will not admit to it because it will show voters that the Democratic Party was surely moving hard left. This is just one example. 

The following was posted by Everett Piper, published by the Washington Times: “The Democratic Party is one of elite socialists who wish for, and celebrate, the death of all who dare to stand in their way.” 
“Stated simply, Democrats are now a Nietzschean party of the Ubermensch — a party of racial, political and ideological supremacists who openly disdain all who disagree with their Marxist march for power and their bloodlust for control.”

“Dick Costolo, the former Twitter chief executive officer, tweeted this past week that all businessmen and businesswomen who don’t share his progressive social agenda “are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution.” He then added, “I’ll happily provide video commentary.”

“Here is just a smattering of what Democrats think of President Trump, his family and all who support him.” 

“There is a God,” said ESPN baseball writer Marly Rivera shortly after news broke of the positive COVID-19 test for the president and first lady.” 

“I don’t feel bad about hoping he dies,” added Roadshow social media editor Daniel Golson.” 

Let’s not forget the way Judge Brett Kavanaugh was treated at his confirmation hearings to the Supreme Court and I am afraid to say that Trump’s new pick Amy Coney Barrett will go through the same or worst harassment than Judge Brett Kavanaugh did and it’s a shame that anyone should expect such treatment from an upcoming nomination. It looks like the Republicans in the Senate stand united and she will be nominated but thats not the point. 

The Democratic Party as I have written many times have allowed themselves to be hijacked by the socialists-Marxists and We The People must surely keep them away from holding the Presidency. It has been allowed to come to this situation only because there are powers in that radical party  who have been financing them and that includes the media who have been walking lock-step with them. Right now we need to go one step at a time and that is to give that radical Democratic Party a big defeat November 3rd. Marxism is just around the corner, it must be defeated!  

Highly Classified Notes Have Now Been Declassified: Hillary Clinton Was In Fact Behind The Phoney Russian Probe

It is now for real, yes it is the true story that what I have been writing for the past almost four years was in fact made up by Hillary Clinton to save her own skin from her destruction of 33,000 emails for the msm and the public to instead put full emphasis on the phony Trump-Russia collusion story. For former CIA Director John Brennan and Hillary Clinton there is no longer talking out of it, they have been caught because of the fact highly classified notes have now been declassified and luckily for the American people this is very bad news for the deep state because of the fact the names involved do not just reflect John Brennan and Hillary Clinton. 

The following was posted and published by Sara Carter: “It was former CIA Director John Brennan’s hand written notes that exposed the alleged plan by Hillary Clinton to ‘stir up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security service.’ Those highly classified notes were declassified Tuesday by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, who first made the information public last week.”

“The controversy surrounding the disclosure by Ratcliffe led to the decision to present Brennan’s highly redacted notes to the public.”

“The information, first made public by Fox News, Tuesday, and the documents obtained by confirm that Ratcliffe received the information from the highest levels of the U.S. intelligence community.”
“In fact, Brennan’s notes also reveal how seriously he took the issue that he debriefed former President Barrack Obama on the alleged Clinton plot and on the information that was intercepted by the United States from Russian spies.”

“We’re getting additional insight into Russian activities from [REDACTED],” Brennan’s notes read. “CITE [summarizing] alleged approved by Hillary Clinton a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service,” Brennan’s notes read.”

This news is so huge because it shows that Brennan knew all along the motive and the mission of Hillary Clinton was to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump to safeguard her own conspiracy of destroying thousands of her emails off a private server and why did she go through all that trouble of destroying her emails?  Now you know as well as I do that good old Hillary does not do anything without a purpose and her purpose was to safeguard the Clinton Foundation which as of the moment is under investigation by U.S. attorney John Durham. 

To make all this even worse for the deep state former CIA Director John Brennan even informed the President at the time Obama. What this all means was all the phony harassment that President Trump has been going through for the last four years Obama knew all along that it was made up by Hillary Clinton. 

President Trump has ordered declassification on all classified documents.  All that this now needs to get even better is prison time for all these traitors and what better place to send them all but to GITMO! 

We The People Are Witnessing A Revolution Being Staged By The Radical Socialist Democratic Party

My patriots it is very obvious now that the Democrats are staging a revolution right before our eyes and they have been prepping for this movement I will say since the 1960’s and now they are in full force. Many of those socialists that were marching in the streets in the 1960’s hold positions in our government such as the Clinton’s and the Obama’s for instance, and let’s not forget Eric Holder to name just a few and I am sure you can name many. Rush Limbaugh has come out with a post about the very fact that I have been talking about for some time now.

The following was posted by WND Staff, published by WND: “Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh says the Democrats in America right now are staging a revolution against the nation.”

“It’s because their motivation is the belief that the country is “irredeemably unjust.”

“We are living in a revolution — an actual revolution, not just the word. There is an actual revolution taking place. The American left is revolting against America as founded!” Limbaugh warned. “They are not the Democrat Party of old. This is not the Democrats versus the Republicans. This is American Marxists and communists conducting a revolution against America, as founded.”

“This is to say, multiculturalism, which has taken over the Democratic Party, constitutes a revolutionary movement. I do not mean a metaphorical revolution. It is not like a revolution; it is a revolution, an attempt to overthrow the American founding as President Trump said in his excellent Mt. Rushmore speech,” on July 4, he said.”

How better a way to take away the freedoms of our country is there than to take away the importance of our Constitution that has always been America’s solid rock of existence and the envy of all freedom minded countries of the world. This is what the socialists have been working on for decades, to take away the importance of our Constitution.

The Constitution has been taken away from our school systems especially from our universities that have been controlled by socialist administration staff and one of the many reasons Trump has to win a second term is to attack this socialist-Marxist invasion of our school system.

The radical socialist Democratic Party have even put coronavirus into the battle, such as blue states are closed with the rights and freedom of their people taken away from them, even the mask they have put into the battle of weapons. What I am saying the socialists are always creating a situation of us against them and that is the internal way of revolution and that is exactly what they have been doing but eventually the bulk of the American people will finally get pissed off and that my patriots will be the real revolution!

During The Presidential Debate Chris Wallace Pressed Trump On His Tax Returns But Allowed Biden To Slide On His Son’s Million Dollar Deals

Chris Wallace did the radical socialist Democratic Parties bidding during the Presidential debate by pressing President Trump’s tax returns but allowed Joe Biden’s son’s million dollar deals with the Ukraine and the $1.5 billion the Chinese has invested with him. The Ukraine situation has been around for awhile now but the Chinese problem is picking up steam with another bombshell of late as Hunter Biden was also wired a $3.5 million transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow via a result of an investigation by Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Joe Biden was always able to say that he didn’t know any of his sons business dealings but now we are finding out differently.

The following was posted by Jarrett Staff, published by Gregg Jarrett: “In a bombshell report, Fox News contributor Molly Hemingway explains Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has “not spoken accurately about his knowledge of his son’s involvement in Burisma” which apparently caused more of a headache for the Obama administration than has been expressed publicly.”

“While this is focused on Hunter Biden and James Biden and other family members of Joe Biden, not Joe Biden himself, it is also true that Joe Biden was revealed to have not spoken accurately about his knowledge of his son’s involvement in Burisma, the Ukrainian energy concern,” Hemingway told Fox News.”

“The 87-page report states in “October 2015, senior State Department official Amos Hochstein raised concerns with Vice President Biden, as well as with Hunter Biden, that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board enabled Russian disinformation efforts and risked undermining U.S. policy in Ukraine.”

“Former vice president Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he did not speak with his son about business and recently claimed: “He didn’t know about it when the report shows that in fact, some bureaucrats were so concerned about Hunter Biden’s role that they had briefed him, that they had alerted the FBI,” explained Hemingway.”

You have never Trumper’s such as Chris Wallace that show there dismay with Trump by asking him hard questions but not wanting to bring up the criminal acts of Hunter Biden who has been feeding his family with millions of dollars and we are to believe that Joe Biden knew nothing about it, give me a break! That has now changed, the facts are out.

We all know how Trump got wealthy considering he has been on the American scene for decades whereas it is now time to put the pressure on Hunter Biden to come out with the real story and Joe Biden can no longer act like he knew nothing about it and anyone who actually believes that Joe Biden did not know nothing of his son’s illegal activities need a reality check that is for sure!

U.S. Attorney John Durham Is Now Turning His Attention To The Clinton Foundation Which We Knew Was Inevitable

This should not surprise anyone, it surely has not surprised me, as a matter of fact I have been waiting that eventually the investigation of US attorney John Durham would lead to the Clinton Foundation, as a matter of fact my feeling is why did it take him so long unless he really had his eye on it all along. The Clinton Foundation with all it’s ill motives should not be given a pass, as a matter of fact it is one of the most important reasons why Hillary was not suppose to lose the Presidential election to Donald Trump in 2016. Too many favors was expected from the foundation.

The following was posted by Joel B. Pollak, published by Breitbart: “As Breitbart contributor Peter Schweizer argued in his 2015 book, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, the Clinton Foundation appeared to be a vehicle for former President Bill Clinton and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to sell influence and access.”

“It was widely suspected that Hillary Clinton used an illicit private email server, and destroyed her emails, to hide communications that might document the Foundation’s activities.”

“In an article Thursday titled “In Politically Charged Inquiry, Durham Sought Details About Scrutiny of Clintons,” the Times reported:It turns out that Mr. Durham also focused attention on certain political enemies of Mr. Trump: the Clintons.”

“Mr. Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut assigned by Mr. Barr to review the Russia inquiry, has sought documents and interviews about how federal law enforcement officials handled an investigation around the same time into allegations of political corruption at the Clinton Foundation, according to people familiar with the matter.”

We are now going to bring out again the term Quid Pro Quo, the way it works is “something for something” and as far as good old Hillary was considered it was giving the foundation money and she in turn would give access to the White House but a funny thing happened on the way to the farm, Hillary lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump and the question I have now is the foundation took the money but the favors went out the window and in the meantime the Clinton Foundation has gone dry, fancy that! Now is Hillary sleeping well these days knowing she could not fulfill all those favors to very angry world leaders! I would think not but most importantly now that must be answered is where did all the money go? I guess this is where Durham comes in!

Michael Bloomberg Has Donated Millions Of Dollars To Pay The Fines for Felons In Florida To Help Felons Vote: The Question Is If Its Legal!

It’s true in Florida if felons serve their sentence and clear their debts to society they will be allowed to vote such as fines and restitutions and you must remember in a court of law these fines were established for each individual case and each felon must meet their responsibilities and take care of their fines but now along comes billionaire Mike Bloomberg who is putting up millions of dollars to help pay these felons fines and let’s face it for the reason so they could vote and this is the same as buying votes and the thing now is to find out if its legal.

The following was posted by the Jarrett Staff, published by Gregg Jarrett: “Florida’s attorney general is requesting that the FBI and state law enforcement look into the billionaire for donating millions of dollars to pay the outstanding fines of 32,000 convicted felons in Florida, all to help them regain their right to vote in the upcoming election.”

“In a letter to the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement, state Attorney General Ashley Moody wrote that she had looked into Bloomberg’s fundraising and personal donation to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, saying“it appears that further investigation is warranted,” according to the New York Post. “Accordingly, I request that your agencies further investigate this matter and take appropriate steps as merited.”

“The former presidential candidate raised over $16 million and donated $5 million to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, a move that would benefit ex-cons as part of a 2018 state constitutional amendment allowing felons who have served their time to regain their right to vote. But, in order for them to regain that right, they need to pay any outstanding fines, fees or restitution.”

“In comes Bloomberg to save the day, with only 40 days left until the election.”

So how convenient is this! Biden and the radical socialist Democratic Party are starting to sweat Florida and they send billionaire Michael Bloomberg in because of the fact President Trump with the latest numbers out is starting to pull ahead in Florida. Now anyone can look it up it is actually illegal to buy votes in the United States and I am not talking about commercials on TV, I am talking on an individual basis.

These socialists will go to any extreme to cheat in an election, they have no shame as long as they win and that is the main reason there will be mail-in ballots floating all over the place, in all kinds of directions for the benefit of the socialists taking the White House but this time Bloomberg might have really screwed up and that would be sweet!