EX CIA Boss Morell Admitted That He Protected Hillary Clinton’s State Department

Former CIA deputies Michael Morells testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee did not make sense. On the one hand he said he was an intelligence professional who was willing to lay out the facts-no matter how damaging but on the other hand he omitted key details on the Benghazi attack.

This is from a post by Catherine Herridge, Fox News: “Early on, Morell made a startling claim about the so-called “talking points,” the faulty narrative that initially blamed a protest for the attack.

“On the talking points, Morell said he dropped information about CIA security warnings — which were factual and accurate — because he thought it would be unprofessional to embarrass then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department.”

I just can’t believe the audacity Morell had to make a statement like that. In other words he knew the CIA security warnings were factual and accurate but he allowed the lies of Hillary, Obama and Susan Rice stand about a YouTube Video causing riots which in fact were not riots but a full scale terrorists attack. He didn’t want to embarrass then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Are you kidding me! What the hack, let everyone lie to protect the career liar Hillary Clinton. In the meantime he put this justification of his to take precedent of four Americans getting killed in Benghazi who could have been saved but they allowed them to die.

This is also very damaging to Morell. “In an email, one day before the talking points were used by then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice on national television, where she wrongly blamed a protest, then-CIA Director David Petraeus told Morell the talking points were so devoid of fact that they were useless.

But despite his boss’ reservations, Morell went ahead with the text which limited damage to the State Department.”

Another thing very problematic was that Morell took the word of analysts in Washington DC over the chief of station. In other words he took the word of the pencil pushers instead of the people in the field who knew what was going on.

I will tell you what’s going on here. Its all about protecting Hillary Clinton and her future aspirations. We will not allow Benghazi to rest. There are four Americans who died there who had the right to be protected and the attempt was not even made. Why? Because Obama was running for president and he did not want the American people to know that Al Qaeda was alive and well while he was telling the country they were destroyed. So Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice came up with this lie of the YouTube Video and on top of that you had a CIA Boss going along for the ride. Its no wonder the Democrats in the House want this investigation to stop but we the people will not allow that to happen.