Gov. Cuomo Of NY Pleaded For Amazon To Establish Their Headquarters In Long Island City After Know Nothing Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Scared The Company Off

Amazon thought they had a deal with the state of New York and NYC of bringing their headquarters into the big apple but they didn’t expect so much commotion from freshman Congresswomen Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The socialist MSM has made Cortez their darling but she is no longer the darling of all Democrats in NY if she was ever their darling to begin with. This is not only damaging to NY but I feel it is damaging to any blue state that offers for companies to bring their headquarters into their city only to have a socialist type like Cortez put up a stink about tax breaks and subsidies not taking consideration of the fact all the jobs it brings in and salaries.

The following was posted by Stephen Sorace, published by Fox News: “Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., has reportedly penned a full-page letter to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as he clings to hope that he can win back the tech giant and lure it to New York City, where it recently scrapped plans to build a second headquarters campus, a report said Thursday.”

“The open letter, signed in support by more than 70 unions and politicians, including former Mayor David Dinkins, urged Bezos and Amazon executives to reconsider its decision to pull out of the project, the New York Times reported. The letter, paid for by the Partnership for New York City, was set to appear in Friday’s edition of the Times.”

“Amazon pulled out of the deal early last month after facing harsh, vocal opposition from several of the state’s lawmakers, most notably from freshman congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. Criticism included tax breaks and subsidies worth up to $3 billion for the company and the potential for rising real estate costs in the area.”

“Cuomo and de Blasio were largely responsible for helping bring Amazon to New York in a deal that would have seen 25,000 jobs, paying approximately $150,000 per year enter Long Island City. To some, it appeared to be a remarkable collaboration by two Democrats who rarely seem to get along.”

“According to a December Quinnipiac University poll, 57 percent of New York City residents support Amazon’s arrival in the region, compared to just 26 percent who oppose the deal, Fox Business previously reported.”

These retard socialists like a 29 year old Cortez just out of Boston University which surely does not tell you much about its economics program but surely tells you a lot about its teachings of socialism. Cortez was concerned about Amazon’s receiving tax breaks and subsidies but not looking of the fact of the side affects of a company like that coming into a big city and the number of high paying jobs such as the buying of homes, entertainment, restaurants, paying of new taxes which would off set any taxes which was provided to Amazon for relocating, etc. etc. etc.

It took many years of negotiating this deal and it all went down the drain because Jeff Bezos surely does not want political mosquitoes flying over his head. He was bringing in high paying quality jobs which NY needed so much so considering the major exodus of businesses leaving the city in recent years. Socialism must be reckoned with if cities are to flourish into the next era.

Now I will steal a line from President Trump whenever there are disruptions at any of his rally’s that he likes to use from time to time and that is I will suggest to Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to go home to mommy, she still needs some growing up to do.

Information Is Getting Closer To Show That The Obama DOJ Deep State Went To Take The Presidency Away From Newly Elected Donald Trump: Thats a Coup D’etat’/ Banana Republic

The bulk of the news these days is the wall and a 29 year old simplistic know it all socialist Rep. from NY who made such a fuss about Amazon bringing their headquarters into New York that they said the hell with it which would have brought in 25,000 new jobs to the Big Apple at an average of $125,000 a year each. So much for socialism. Most of the people in her district would not even have been affected. I will continue to harp in on the fact that the deep state tried to remove an elected President by We The People Donald Trump because they know better than us, it should have been Hillary Clinton after all she would have followed Marxist Obama’s agenda and they have been going after Trump to this day to no avail but the mistake these traitors have made is the fact that we are getting to know who they are. The players are numerous now who have been exposed which are just too many to mention in this blog but someday I am hoping they will all have their mugshots taken for all of us to see.

The following was posted by Sandy Fitzgerald, published by Newsmax: “If former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is telling the truth with his claims that officials in the Department of Justice discussed using the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office, that could be considered be an attempted “coup d’état,” Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Thursday.”

“McCabe confirmed for the first time in a CBS interview that there were high-level discussions at the Justice Department about recruiting Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office in the aftermath of former FBI Director James Comey’s firing.”

“The 25th amendment is about Woodrow Wilson having a stroke,” Dershowitz told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “It’s about a president being shot and not being able to perform his office. It’s not about the most fundamental disagreements. It’s not about impeachable offenses.”

It looks like the deep state is starting to eat it’s own and this is just the beginning. You recall Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was suppose to have gone into the Presidents office and wiretap him. This is uncalled for considering there was no crime in evidence but to just take down the President of the United States. We must remember even the Mueller investigation on Trump-Russia was created to find a crime and not the other way around that there was a crime created. The whole thing stinks and of course there is reason for Trump to be constantly upset about the whole annoying situation which constantly cuts into his day by day duties as President. I am hoping that we finally have an Attorney General who will put all these treasonous people away. Attorney General William Barr! Put the traitors away!