Obama Is Obviously Trying To Cause Racial Unrest: We The People Must Find Out Why

This is the first time in my lifetime that I am experiencing and so are you a president that instead of trying to keep the calm in racial unrest is actually trying to cause it. Obama has an open door policy to the biggest trouble maker in America and that is Al Sharpton. Why would anyone want to be associated with this windbag is beyond me expect to provoke hatred which Sharpton does well. It’s a disgrace that Sharpton has Rev in front of his name. Actually it’s an insult to God.

Obama is not acknowledging the fact that he has lost the House and the Senate. Experts have said that usually when that happens presidents move to the center, in Obama’s case he actually moves more to the left. I would love to know who is pulling Obama’s strings, let’s face it , it all comes down too money. Naturally George Soros is the first that comes to mind. Getting back to the fact that Obama does not move to the middle is because he doesn’t care. He will continue to attempt to transform America too his liking and the hell with the American people. He’s teaching We The People a lesson.

The following is from Joseph Curl, the editor of the Drudge Report: “On how Obama has handled racial strife during his presidency, Curl recalled the “Beer Summit,” Trayvon Martin, as well as the recent Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. In all, Curl opined, “Obama has stoked the embers of the race war with equivocal statements. ” Especially troubling to Curl was Obama urging Reverend Al Sharpton to “stay the course” when “wherever the reverend goes, violence follows.” It can’t get any clearer than that.

It’s obvious what these troublemakers are doing so now we have too chip away at the motive. The following was posted by David Risselada, published by Tea Party Crusaders: “It isn’t hard to come to this conclusion when you remember what Obama said about a civilian security force that is better funded and more “well trained” than the military. Alleged racism in the police precincts across the country gives Obama and his communist cohorts the perfect excuse. We even have the U.N. expressing concerns about racially charged police brutality in America. The facts about white police killing blacks, as Janna B. reported, matter little because their is an agenda, and that agenda is disarming America and creating a national gestapo.”

We The People are living in a very dangerous time with very dangerous people running our country. We have to be so very alert the last two years of Obama’s presidency. If there ever was a time for the Republican controlled Congress to come through it is now. May God give them wisdom.

It Took Six Years But We The People Have Unwrapped Obama’s Socialism

Welcome aboard America! What took you so long to realize that Obama has been involved with socialists and communists all his life, how could he not have had a radical left ideology. From his upbringing his mother was raised by socialists and his father was a socialist economist for the Kenyan Government. Many of us know about his association with terrorist Bill Ayres and his love of Saul Alinsky and let’s not forget he was in a church of hatred with Rev. Wright for twenty years but he did not know that the Rev. was preaching hate for America.

There are so many other discoveries We The People have made about Obama’s socialistic influences through the years. You see, this is the point. How have we learned of this, it sure wasn’t from the main stream media. The media was given to us via our Forefathers to have freedom of the press and the main objective of our Forefathers was for the press to report the news fairly and accurately no matter who the politician, not to suppress the news about ones candidate’s background and not another’s. Today’s press will show partiality considering 80% of the press is Democrat and they lean towards the socialism that Obama has been bringing forward to our American society. Today if you poll the press as to what party they belong too they are getting crafty and the majority will not say Democrat like they use too, now they are even covering up that by saying they are Independents, in other words still belittling the American people as though we are stupid, but of course socialists think We The People are stupid too begin with.

The following is from a post by Steve Baldwin, published by Western Journalism: “Once elected and knowing full well the media would dutifully refuse to report on the background of his own appointees, Obama appointed a slew of communists and socialists to key positions throughout his administration, who then proceeded to destroy our economy and our culture.”

Naturally We The People have been getting wise to Obama mainly because of the economy which is still the number one concern for most Americans. The American people starting putting one and one together because of the fact the economy was Obama’s least concern. Instead of the economy Obama gave us a socialistic health care system Obama Care, that the American people never showed favor for too this day. Instead of the economy Obama has shown more concern to illegal immigrant’s who will take away American jobs but don’t forget Obama is creating a future voting block of Hispanic voters. Instead of the economy Obama has been downgrading our militaries superpower status to make us equal with the world known as Global Equilibrium. Instead of the economy Obama has been going too America’s enemies and apologizing for We The People whereas in fact We The People should be apologizing for Obama’s lack of leadership and bringing the world closer to an all out catastrophic war in which outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has already admitted that we can no longer fight three theaters at a time but only one thanks to the treasonous actions of this president.

The Republican Party in 2008 could have exposed all this to We The People. Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain wanted to play Mr. Nice guy by not exposing any of this. If he would have exposed all this at least he would have educated the people who do not follow these things closely a heads up as to what the main-stream media was hiding. Then the American people could have decided one way or the other. The one person who started to talk about it and the Republican Party shut her up right away was Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is the person who would definitely bring America back if she was president.

This is a president who purposely went to change the American way which is the United States Constitution. He said he was going to transform America, the only time he didn’t lie. The Congress must impeach this president for this major impeachable offense and all the ones attached to it. This is the will of our Forefathers. We The People are telling Congress, Go for it!

Obama Was To Be A Unifier And His Obsession And Hatred For The Tea Party

In the last few days with the war going on between the House and the Senate over Obama Care, it has been mentioned a few times by Obama and his patsy Senator Harry Reid of the fact that the Tea Party is a big influence on the Republicans. Obama is very confused it seems to me about the Tea Party. He had the IRS spy on them, harass them, who knows what else that still will come out, believe me the IRS would not have done that on their own, that’s all instructions from Obama. This was all done to keep the Tea Party from mobilizing considering all the damage they did to Democrats in the 2010 elections. Then for awhile it was being spread by influential Democrats that the Tea Party had weakened, they did not have as much influence as they once had. Now Obama and Reid are back to stressing the fact that the Republican Party is listening too much to the radical Tea Party. So Obama, which is it, are they weak, influential, or powerful? You see Obama, I am just an average person and I can see what you are doing. Don’t you think there are millions like me who can see what you are doing? you always need a scapegoat, somebody you can point your finger to, to justify all your lies. You hate the Tea Party, you are obsessed by them, because they are in your way of implementing your socialistic programs.

I will define just slightly the Tea Party.The Tea Party generally focuses on government reform. Among its goals are limiting the size of the federal government, reducing government spending, lowering the national debt and opposing tax increases The Tea Party generally focuses on government reform. Among its goals are limiting the size of the federal government, reducing government spending, lowering the national debt and opposing tax increases,as well as tighter border security, and opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants.

On the federal health care reform law, they began to work at the state level to nullify the law, after the republican party lost seats in congress and the Presidency in the 2012 elections. They have protested the IRS for controversial treatment of groups with “tea party” in their names. They have formed Super PACs to support candidates sympathetic to their goals and have opposed what they call the “Republican establishment” candidates.

So what is wrong with the Tea Party’s belief? This is a belief in one form or another most Americans would be content with, but you see it is a thorn to the side of socialism. The left wing element of the Democratic party which is pure socialist with the likes of Obama and Reid have stolen the Democratic party. It is sure not the party of President John Kennedy.

Now Obama, I am going to tell you something. I am hoping one of your Czars picks this blog up and gives it to you to read. In the election of 2008 when you ran for president you said that you were going to transform America. I knew right away what that meant, you were going to convert America to socialism considering you are a socialist. Naturally you are lucky that your college papers are under lock and key. Two thirds of the people who voted for you did so thinking you were a unifier. If you are a unifier, Hitler is a Pope. Who do you think you are by saying you will not negotiate with the House on Obama Care. Who appointed you King? Our Founders established checks and balances so as to prevent someone like you who will come along and decide to do it your way or the highway. Just by you saying you will not negotiate is an impeachable offense that you can add to the other impeachable offenses you have accumulated. Nobody is trying to prevent the American people with having health care but not this plan called Obama Care, and the way it was implemented like a thief in the night. We got away from a king, he was King George remember? We sure as hack don’t need another king; start acting like the President of the United States or do people a favor and resign because believe me, you will not convert America to socialism.

Obamas Goal Has Been, No Exceptionlism For America

America, since it made it on the International scene after becoming victorious after World War II, was always in the dominate world stage among freedom loving people. Every president since Franklin Roosevelt has cherished America being in that position. Here are two presidents with their goals of greatness for America,

On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced before a special joint session of Congress the dramatic and ambitious goal of sending an American safely to the Moon before the end of the decade. A number of political factors affected Kennedy’s decision and the timing of it. In general, Kennedy felt great pressure to have the United States “catch up to and overtake” the Soviet Union in the “space race. What has Obama done to the space program, we can’t even go to the space station without having to sit in back of the bus. We have to go with a Russian spacecraft and sit in back of the Russian astronauts. Obama has dismantled our space program. President John Kennedy must be turning over in his grave. So much for American exceptionlism.

“As Ronald Reagan emphasized, America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” Even though Ronald Reagan was from another era in American history the young people of America loved him and he brought back patriotism to America after four years of negativeness brought on by President Jimmy Carter.

Obama doesn’t believe the United States is exceptional or even wants it to be. He believes in the new world order, lower the expectations for America; level the playing field. The only accomplishment he has is Obama Care and that is definitely not exceptional in any sense of the word. This is a health care program that is going to prevent jobs because business will not be hiring. Obama is lowering the standards and high expectations of our economy by destroying it.

As a candidate in 2008 a snapshot came across the news wires showing Obama holding Fareed Zakaria book titled “The Post- American World.” I remember that picture, it was all over the internet.The vicious Zakaria describes his book this way: “This is not a book about the decline of America, but rather about the rise of everyone else.” In it, he details the era he hopes we are entering now — a world in which the United States would “no longer dominate the global economy, orchestrate geopolitics, or overwhelm cultures.” Just look at what has gone on in the world stage since Obama has become President, that is exactly what he is doing, he is taking us away from being a dominate force in the world stage.

This is what Obamas game plan has been. He turned against our allies (particularly Israel) and showed them that America could not be relied on. He taxed us into poverty and stirred up racial strife to make us all less safe. He has enabled Russia to re-emerge as a world power, and the Islamic jihadists are bolder than ever.

Obama vowed to make America just another nation — unexceptional — and he has. It’s not that other nations have risen. They haven’t. It’s that Obama has dismantled American hegemony and diminished our standing in the world.

Obama is allied himself with organizations around the world that would have been unheard of from past presidents such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Even though we are still a Christian Judaea nation Obama does not speak up when Christians are slaughtered around the world. Every terrorist attack but one in the US has been by Muslims, but Obama will not acknowledge the fact, he still calls them groups instead of what they are, vicious murderers and we are not to label them as what they really are in Obamas eyes. I will tell you one thing, I don’t feel as protected as I once felt in America and I don’t think you should either.

America is slipping into a country that I never knew before, and believe me that is by design. Obamas design. This president is dangerous and the faster his four years are up the better, if in fact he is not impeached first. If our enemies overseas do not look at us as an exceptional country any longer that means they will attempt daring attacks of devastation against us until it reaches our homeland. Exceptionlism has been America since World War II and along comes Obama and he wants us to belong to the world order, in other words level the playing field, we need to turn this around with a true leader, and rid ourselves of these socialists that are infiltrating our society. I want to say that my country is exceptional again.