So Now Obama Wants To Monitor Our Newsrooms

My first inclination is to say that it serves the media right. The medias darling President Obama, (self proclaimed king) now is sending out the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) out on a witch hunt. You tell me, what else will you call it? They want to monitor Americas newsrooms. What they want to do is place researchers out to all newsrooms to see how they gather and report the news. What is their philosophe, who decides on the stories to be reported, who makes the editorial decisions and whatever other questions they will dream up.

Can you believe this? This Gestapo administration just doesn’t give up. We just went through this with the IRS which they are still under investigation for spying on Conservative groups. As a matter of fact, Jay Selculow who represents some of these groups has said of the fact that some of the questioning by the FCC is reminiscent of the questions of harassment that were asked of these conservative groups. Then there was the fallout over the Justice Department’s wiretapping of Associated Press journalists. This is just getting insane.

This is definitely an intrusion into the freedom of the press. I don’t know what Obama is getting out of this constant harassment into our liberty’s. I really think he is losing his mind to be constantly bucking the Constitution, but that will prove itself out as we go along; I hope that it doesn’t get to the point where he gets too dangerous, but don’t forget we always have Biden. At least Biden was always a capitalist and not a socialist, just a small improvement. The main difference is that Obama is out to hurt our country and Biden would not have that motive, and naturally he is dumb funny.

Do you realize that this will cover all news, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. Now I am and millions like me are bloggers. Maybe they will even come and visit me at my home. Sure, they can look over my shoulder and watch me type and my dog will be looking over their shoulder. One thing I won’t do is offer them coffee.