President Trump And We The People Are Today Paying For Obama’s Blind Watch Over North Korea

Over the last eight years of Obama’s presidency North Korea played while the cat slept. There is no reason as to North Korea accumulating such an arsenal of weapons expect for the fact Obama allowed it to happen right under his nose and that applies to Obama’s whole foreign policy. Foreign policy to Obama was a pain. He spent eight years trying to figure out how to take funds away from the military so he can pay for free cell phones for his constituents, you know, the people who sit around just waiting what other freebie Obama will come through with. How about people on food stamps reaching record breaking highs, well that money has to come from somewhere, such as take away from Peter to pay Paul and this was all at the military’s expense which We The People are concerned of our safety today because of it.

The following was posted by The Angry Patriot, published by Tea Party News: “Whether or not North Korea has an extensive arsenal of “mini-nukes,” it remains true that the Obama administration willingly let this dictator flout U.S. and UN regulations against nuclear proliferation.”

“Furthermore, under Obama’s blind watch, North Korea provided Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with several chemical weapons, along with conventional weapons, like machine guns.”

“The North Korean-made Type 73 has been spotted on the battlefields of Syria and Yemen, mostly in the hands of Iranian-backed militias, via PRI. Clearly, the so-called “Hermit Kingdom” is not as isolated as many Democrats believe.”

“The foreign policy mess that President Trump inherited is quite dire. Along with a domestic situation that is bordering on anarchic, (thanks to Obama loyalists on the Ninth Circuit Court and do-nothing Republicans who are still not ready to fund the border wall) Trump must now find a way to contain North Korea by wooing China away from its biggest ally.”

This is such a mess President Trump has inherited. We must understand what eight years of North Korea is in regard to developing new weapons, it’s a darn life time, that’s what is is. It has been mentioned of the fact probably at the meeting the other day called by the White House where all 100 Senators were briefed that North Korea just might have developed smaller and lighter nuclear warheads that can be added to ballistic missiles.

Typical Obama attitude, just leave it to the other guy to worry about it. If you think about it what the hell did Obama do the last eight years to curtail the buildup of arms with countries that hate our guts, absolutely nothing. There is no excuse for this, it all comes down where Obama has no respect for American exceptionalism as a world power. This is a bothersome situation for this Marxist and he just cant get it through his thick head that America has enemies out there that just don’t believe in a shoot out, they want to destroy us but if we show might like we use to it would deter the thought process of the enemy of a disastrous attack against us. This is what Trump is trying to do with the military people he picked in his administration. This happened another time in my lifetime and that was when Carter was President and put out country in the same situation and luckily we had a President Reagan who started a vast military built-up. Can you just imagine the might the United States would have had without these interruptions in-between of letting up on our military. We would never be challenged because we would be a world power instead of once again having to play catch-up. This is very serious because while these countries stay on their agenda of wanting the killing of you and me there might be a time when our military just wont have time to play catch up. We The People have been given President Trump who will built up the military, the thing is we should never ever again get an Obama type of not having pride to be an American, of not wanting to be exceptional, which means Obama does not love America, if he did his mind set would always be for America to be exceptional but that was never the case with Obama, how could it be from the background he came from.


We The People Can’t Rely On Obama To Safeguard America From The Nuclear Bomb Deal But The Israeli Defense Minister Said Israel Would Take Action Against Iran

Obama has still been pushing the Congress to pass his treasonous Iranian nuclear bomb deal with insults on top of it to the Republican Party of which he claims he compares them to the hardliners in Iran. What this simple minded president can’t understand or he does which is most likely the case but still lies to the American people is the fact that all Iran’s negotiator’s are hardliners that’s why this deal took so long. Such a dumb statement by Obama but that’s norm for the course of his actions.

In the back of my mind and as I have stressed in the past Israel will never accept this suicidal deal, why should they. They are the ones who are constantly being threatened by the Iranian regime that they will be wiped off the face of the earth and also the fact that with the 150 billion dollar’s we will be giving to Iran which I still can’t understand the sanity in it except you have a president who has gone insane they will be able to reach and hit the United states with ballistic missiles in a few years. I tend to wonder where will Obama be protecting himself at that time, maybe Kenya.

The following was posted by Lea Speyer, published by Breaking Israel News: “Issuing a somewhat veiled threat at Iran, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Israel is not responsible for the lives of Iranian nuclear scientists, hinting at the renewal of covert assassination missions.”

“In an interview with German newspaper Der Spiegel, the defense minister stressed that Israel would do anything necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Ya’alon revealed that Israel is preparing for the possibility of a military strike against Iranian nuclear sites.”

“Ultimately it is very clear, one way or another, Iran’s military nuclear program must be stopped,” he said. “We will act in any way and are not willing to tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran. We prefer this be done by means of sanctions, but in the end, Israel should be able to defend itself.”

I am heartened by the fact that Senator Chuck Schumer of New York decided too not support the deal and this is with the fact that he is the next in line that has been agreed upon by the Democrat Party that he would take over for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada the parties leadership in the Senate. I’m sure that was a very big decision to go against Obama’s nuclear bomb deal and risk his Senate leadership. I am curious to see if he will not waiver or will Obama and his cronies get to him.

Nothing makes sense anymore with this Congress not they have made sense before. Like I mentioned in another blog a few days ago giving money to your enemy in this case 100 to 150 billion dollars the Congress by right should close this deal down and charge Obama with treason. This should be the end result of this deal instead of giving the number one sponsor of terrorism billions of dollars to be used against We The People. This is insanity at it’s worst and Congress is allowing it to happen. This deal must not past for the survival of the Middle East and the well being of We The People.