The Democratic Party ( Socialist) With All Their Punk Talk Have A Lot To Do With Violence In The United States

Many of the left-wing element have been wishing ill will on President Trump ever since he won the election because of the fact there is no consensus to lower the tone of their discontent, as a matter of fact it’s the worst I have seen it in my lifetime. The liberals ( socialists ) just can’t get on with the peoples business of making our country great again. They have no agenda whatsoever because their phony agenda of helping the middle-class have been captured by President Trump because of the fact the liberals always talked the talk but never walked the walk about making life better for the people they always claimed they would. So what have they done since Trump won the election is thrown stones and just the other day there were some of these crazed liberals stating the fact that they were going to start using curse words and how that would make life better for you and me is beyond my comprehension as to how any rational person would make a statement like that other to just continue their agenda of hate against Trump. The shooter of the Republicans at that softball game was a campaign worker for Bernie Sanders and Sanders discredited the shooter by saying “that he was sickened by this despicable act” but very recently Sanders was mocking a Christian for his deep Christian beliefs and considering over 70 percent of Americans are still Christians Sanders definitely was not spreading love he was spreading what most socialists do which We The People are now experiencing and that is hate.

The following was published by The Horn News: “Wednesday, after months of “dog whistle” commands for violence from the leftist leaders, an outspoken liberal lunatic opened fire on a group of GOP leaders practicing baseball.”

“Blame for the violence is on the shoulders of Democratic lawmakers and their liberal celebrity pals, well as the mainstream media, which encourages what Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis called “political, rhetorical terrorism.”

“In February, after Comedian Sarah Silverman has called on armed soldiers to overthrow the government and make President Donald Trump and his political allies “go bye-bye”, The Horn News reported on the secret code words being used by liberal leaders that were calling for violence.”

“The Horn News reported on celebrities calling for the White House to be “blown up” and comparing Trump supporters to ISIS and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine calling for Democrats to “fight in the streets.”

“Nothing has slowed down since then.”

“In fact, liberal violence has only escalated since then.”

If the liberals( socialists ) think that We The People are not paying attention to their foolhardiness have better wise up because if they think they are going to pick up seats in the 2018 Congressional elections they will have another thing coming and that is bringing the Democratic Party closer to ruin. Like I have emphasized on many occasions the Democratic Party has become just one talking point with no descent within and when there is no descent and everybody talks in robot formation it is time for that organization to go down and I believe the American people are now watching and listening to the present Democratic Party very closely and they will be their own demise or it will be the detriment of We The People. Today’s Democratic Party that booed our Lord at the Democratic National Convention must be destroyed before they destroy the United States of America and God would want no less.

We The People do not need to push provocation of violence, we have the greatest weapon of all mankind given to us by our Forefathers and that is the voting booth. We just continue what we have been doing, assemble in mass quantities and keep on voting the punks out. We are the real patriots after all!

The Democratic Party Which Is Constantly Pushing Identity Politics Is Bringing On Their Total Demise

The Democratic Party just doesn’t get it that constantly is pushing forward identity politics will bring on their own total demise. The American people have gotten sick of the fact of these socialists gaining control of the Democrat Party pinpointing African Americans, Hispanics, gays, unmarried women and the young for the prime purpose of creating a class warfare condition of these groups against everybody else. The majority of the American people see right through all this now and they are sick of it and President-elect Trump has picked it up perfectly by stressing the fact that he was running for all Americans. Our Forefathers for sure did not establish this great country of ours to pinpoint various groups of people against each other which is the doctrine of socialism. It’s not as though the groups that the Democrats have singled out have seen their lives improve from the promises of the Democratic Party, it has most of the time been all smoke and mirrors.

The following was posted by Charles Krauthammer, published by the National Review: “Moreover, the legitimation of identity politics by the Democrats has finally come back to bite them. Trump managed to read, then mobilize, the white working class and to endow it with political self-consciousness. What he voiced on their behalf was the unspoken complaint of decades: Why not us? All these other groups, up to and including the relatively tiny population of transgender people, receive benefits, special attention, and cultural approbation, yet we are left out in the cold, neglected and condescended to as both our social status and our economic conditions decline.”

“To be sure, ethnic appeal has been part of American politics forever. But the Hillary Clinton campaign was its reductio ad absurdum: all segmented group appeal, no message. Even Bernie Sanders is urging Democrats to “go beyond identity politics” if they are ever to appeal again to the working class.”

Its the working class people of America that have been neglected to move ahead with the constant drum-beat of higher taxation and never-ending new regulations being put on employers which means its a standstill condition for the American worker while the groups mentioned above are constantly catered too for their vote by whatever gimmick the Democrats have aspired to in the past. Well the bulk of the American people are sick of it as shown in this last presidential election. I have not seen any evidence from all the news out there that the Democratic Party has learned anything of how despised identity politics has become. Just look at the people they have again put in as their leaders and the people they are leaning to. Instead of learning from it the Democrats are lining up to discredit Trump and his presidency. I guess they have forgotten there is another election in only two years and most of the seats that are up for grabs are for Democrats. Yes, their total demise is approaching from the lessons not learned.

There’s More To The WikiLeaks Democratic National Committee Emails Than Meets The Eye

I have not labeled Hillary Clinton a witch for nothing. Hillary has “always” been wicked, Hillary “is” wicked and Hillary will “always be” wicked. Don’t doubt it for a moment, Hillary Clinton calls the shots and no request or question from Democratic National Committee Chairwomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz go unanswered. The emails prove something that Bernie Sanders has been saying for weeks now, that the Democratic Party tried to actively discredit Sanders’s campaign. Naturally this will not sit well with Sanders’s supporters of which many of them are young and foolish. Now you know I had to say that.

The following was posted by Allum Bokhari, published by Breitbart: “In one email, dated May 5, 2016, DNC Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall suggested emphasizing Sanders’ atheism, as the information would damage his image with Southern Baptists.”

“It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his believe. Does he believe in God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

“In another email, to DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda, Democrat national press secretary Mark Paustenbach suggested that the DNC could craft a good “Bernie narrative” about how the Vermont Senator’s campaign was “a mess. ”

These leaked emails showed that the DNC were not willing to stop at Sanders, they were also targeting Donald Trump. The following was posted by Alex Pfeiffer and published by The Daily Caller: “The release of Democratic National Committee emails by WikiLeaks Friday reveals that DNC officials planned anti-Donald Trump protests.”

“In multiple emails, DNC officials signed off and acknowledged the existence of two anti-Donald Trump protests in South Bend, IN and Billings, MT. The release of nearly 20,000 emails”

One day before the DNC is about to get under way there is an earthquake going on within the Democratic Party. There is so much turmoil going on within the DNC that it is being reported around various news agencies that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has issued a statement that she is resigning after the Democratic National Convention concludes and from what I have been reading this is still an ongoing story. If you recall Bernie Sanders wanted her head on a platter weeks ago and it looks like Bernie’s sources were correct as to what the DNC was doing with the exposure of these emails.

So now here’s the thing that is more than meets the eye to this story. Hillary Clinton who is the cause of all her parties turmoil’s because of the way she negligently handled her emails knows that WikiLeaks has all her emails (good time for a bribe) and she will be petrified as to what is going to be leaked out next. So my friends here’s the thing, if WikiLeaks has all of Hillary’s emails just think and ask yourself this question, does Russia and China have all her emails also? Just take a good guess and I’m sure you will guess correctly.

Don’t Let Her Fool You: Hillary Clinton Is Very Worried And She Should Be!

Hillary Clinton must be very worried and that’s an understatement, she is probably panicking and mixing doubles since she already has been known to have a drinking problem. Here it is the first day of her DNC and already she is without her Convention Chair spokesperson Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz because of the demands she resign by the Bernie Sanders delegates after it was found out she was behind many of the emails 20,000 of them leaked by WikiLeaks about the DNC and many of them were to discredit Bernie Sanders by false allegations.

Sunday one day before the start of the convention there were protesters marching down the streets chanting “Hell No, DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary!” “This is what democracy looks like!” the protesters declared. ”

“Other declarations heard during the rally included “Lock her up!” and “Hillary for prison!” — echoes of chants heard a few days earlier at the Republican National Convention.”

The following was posted by James Barrett, published by the Daily Wire: “Despite the media’s concerted efforts to present Clinton’s road to the presidency as “inevitable,” the reality, as the massive pushback from Sanders supporters has underscored, is that many on the left do not support her. The two biggest reasons: she is the definition of an establishment politician and she is widely perceived as untrustworthy.”

We The People saw the presentation that FBI Director James Comey made in front of the cameras, even though he did not recommend the case going to the Dept. of Justice he gave Hillary a full indictment as to her mishandling of emails that were put on her private server and now that has set in on peoples minds, even Democrats but especially independents.

Probably the last wood to put on the fire that I’m sure is driving Hillary crazy is Donald Trumps surge in the polls. The speech that he gave at the Republican Convention hit a home run as to what We The People have been talking about and a thirst for leadership that has been missing for the last seven years, a leadership that we sure as hell wont get from Hillary Clinton because don’t forget she has said countless times she will follow the policy’s of Obama, but the thing is We The People are through with the policy’s of Obama and that means the policy’s of Hillary are giving Trump a bump in the polls all by themselves.

If Donald Trump stays on message I don’t see a chance for Hillary and she knows it but she is such a fool because she has allowed Bernie Sanders to move her more to the left than she wanted and that has become her death warrant. Just listen to her on every major issue, you would think that she would be able by now to measure the temperature of the American people but you see she just cant help herself, that’s how socialists are, they live in a world of their own and they actually believe they can force their will on the majority of the American people, but We The People have had enough, we are pissed off and we will take it out on Hillary Clinton. You know that old saying better to be pissed off than pissed on, well come November Hillary Clinton will be pissed on.

The Liberals (socialists) Are Taking The Phony Climate Change Issue To A Dangerous Level

This climate change phony issue is being taken to a dangerous level by the liberals (socialists). Bernie Sanders Democrat presidential candidate has made it easy for me to use the word socialist considering he is a declared socialist. I heard this a few weeks ago of the fact that it was rumored that there was to be a push to make climate change deniers a criminal offense but I took it to be some over exaggerated story that would just go away. Well it’s not going away. Yes my friends, they are trying to push this climate change on to companies as though they cant meet costs as it is with all the regulations.

The following was posted by KATIE, published by American Liberty PAC: “If you want to know how far leftwing environmentalists in the Obama administration are willing to go to push their climate change agenda, look no further than Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Evidently, the Department of Justice actually considered taking civil legal action against the fossil fuel industry for “denying” the “threat of carbon emissions” in regards to climate change:

“This matter has been discussed. We have received information about it and have referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which we could take action on,” Lynch answered. “I’m not aware of a civil referral at this time.” This was an answer to a question put forward by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.L.)

With our reading we have learned that there are just as many scientists that do not agree with the Climate change studies as there are for and Obama and his cronies want to perfect a phony science called Climate change that they changed its name from Global warming. This is all for more control over We The People and to force industry to comply with an unjustified science so as to give the government justification to tax these corporations on emissions used.

If you notice Lynch said that she will refer it to the FBI to see if they could take action. These people are so full of it from Obama down to his Attorney general. You don’t take it to the FBI to see about taking action you take it to the Congress to pass legislation on it. This is a plan by Obama to stick it to We The People before he leaves office when in fact we should be sticking it to him via impeachment.

The First Democrat Presidential Debate The Five Socialist Candidates Explained To We The People How They Would Bankrupt The United States

If you wanted to see socialism at it’s best and a professional liar in the person of Hillary Clinton there they were, on stage that resembled something of a freak show. Here you had Bernie Sanders on the heals of Hillary in New Hampshire and Iowa and what does he do he throws away his ace card by telling the audience that he feels that most Americans are sick of the Hillary email scandals and the country should move on too more important matters and naturally upon hearing that Hillary thanked Sanders profusely and commenced her famous witch laugh. Hillary herself said in one spot that she didn’t want to talk about her emails considering again using the same theme as Sanders there are so many more important matters she can devout her time too for the American people. Let me remind Hillary and Sanders about the fact they were playing to a liberal left-wing audience and maybe they don’t want to hear of the criminal actions of Hillary as to how she handled her emails and private server but the latest poll numbers show that over 60% of the American people want the investigation into Hillary’s emails to continue. So naturally another reason that Hillary is keeping tight lipped on her emails is because of the fact the constant drip, drip, drip of emails have not stopped coming out yet and there’s no telling what is still in those unread emails. She’s the one who knows what’s there and all she can do is pray that there are no surprises.

We all know, us people who study the economy, America is carrying an unsustainable debt. I believe that it’s somewhere around $17 trillion and it’s been said by many that if it reaches $22 trillion there will be an economic crash. This rising debt is killing our economy and worst of all it is keeping our military from being not only a world power but it’s becoming weak where countries such as Russia no longer take our military serious and of course you know what that does for We The Peoples protection. So where I am naturally going with this is that there is no longer any room for free stuff, but every time the liberals propose something it’s something free to get votes and it has come to a head that it is out of the picture, unaffordable.

Keeping this in mind I will make a list of freebies that came out of the debate:

1. In-State Tuition for illegals

2. Paid family leave

3. Health care for children

4. Public College

5. Childhood Education

6. Higher Minimum Wage

7. Obama Care Subsides for Illegals

8. Expanded Social Security

9. Health Care

10. Expanded Medicare For All Americans

11. Prescription Drugs

Many times with my discussion with people the question comes up as to the fact these are educated people who are throwing these freebies around as though there is no tomorrow and our economy not having the money to pay for them so what is their point? The point my friends is this. As we can see socialism is finally coming out of the closet, you see we have a declared socialist candidate for president in Bernie Sanders, just ten years ago it would have been unheard of that a socialist would run for president. You have Obama who’s a socialist who acts like he’s still in the closet but he’s not fooling anyone anymore. The point is that these socialist’s throw all these freebies around to get the vote and before you know it you have a socialist society but this helping the people is a con because once a county turns to socialism a ruling class is established and that is called Marxism. This is what these socialists are doing to our country, it’s a slow process but eventually they want to be the ruling class, in other words full control over We The People. This is why we must not put another liberal (socialist) in the presidency. The United States of America cannot endure economically or militarily another socialist for the survival of America. The people of the radical 60’s such as Obama, Kerry, Holder, Hillary, Jarrett have infiltrated our government. What they couldn’t do in the streets back in the 60’s they are attempting to do it within our government. We The People must stop this now, there is a revolution going on right now in the House of Representatives, that’s why the Republicans are looking for the right speaker. What we need now is a conservative for president to make sure this Marxist cancer stops in it’s track.

I have my conservative candidate but I will support any conservative that wins the primaries, lets not get hung up on my person didn’t win. We The People must win the big prize, a conservative president in the White House and let’s not get hung up he or she is not conservative enough. We need to take our country back.