Dictator Obama Is Keeping His Promise To Destroy The Coal Industry

If you recall when Obama was first running for president in 2008 he gleefully stressed that he would make it unaffordable for survival of the coal industry, a person who wanted to keep up with the industry in other words would have to pay through the nose. So what has this socialist now decided to do but to halt any new coal leases on federal lands until a review is made to determine if fees charged to mining companies provide a “fair return” to tax payers. Of the millions of dollars the government spends on useless pork program they are now worried that fees being charged to mining companies may not be high enough. God has provided America an abundance of resources coal being one of them and this poor excuse for a president wants to destroy a whole industry that provides the United States much of it’s needs. This is so obvious it stinks.

The following was published by Fox News: “Karen Harbert, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st Century Energy, slammed the decision. Herbert called the move “a foolish crusade” that strips America of one of its “diverse mix of energy sources.”

“Another day, another front on the war on coal from this administration,” she said in a statement following the announcement. “At this point, it is obvious that the president and his administration won’t be satisfied until coal is completely eradicated from our energy mix.”

“Roughly 40 percent of the coal produced in the United States comes from federal lands. The vast majority of that mining takes place in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.”

I have heard Bill O Reilly, of The Factor, on Fox News a number of times stress the fact that Obama has left wing tendencies, but he means well he says, Obama is not out to purposely hurt our country. Well I’m going to tell O’ Reilly what he tells people when he disagrees with them and that is Bill O’Reilly you are drinking the Kool-Aid. I want Bill O’Reilly to look at the whole picture of what Obama has done to out country over the last seven years and if he still thinks Obama is not set out to hurt the United States of America, you O Reilly can not see in front of your nose. Just because Obama has helped O’Reilly secure some motorized wheelchairs for the military which is nice does not mean that Obama has not been out to hurt America. It is people like O’Reilly who have gone to universities like Harvard that the curiosity of investigating tyranny when it is right there in front of them, are contributing to Obama’s tyranny by not seeing the real picture, but the day has come. We The People have figured out the real picture and we are going to take our country back.


Media Is Not Allowing True Debate On The Fourteenth Amendment If Children Of Illegal Immigrants Get Automatic Citizenship

The media have people of all categories convinced that automatic citizenship is for all children of illegal immigrants. Every time I see some commentator on cable news he or she is stressing the fact that once you are in the United States you have been granted an automatic American citizenship and it doesn’t matter if it’s babies of illegal parents here in the United States. In other words as Donald Trump has said and that we all have said at one point or another if we are concerned of who enters our borders, a women can become pregnant in Mexico, cross the border into the United States and the baby will become an automatic American citizen. Common sense tells me that this is not the case and the media have most people including Bill O’Reilly of the Factor on Fox News believing this also because he told Trump as such when Trump was on his show. In the meantime Mark Levin a Constitutional scholar who has he’s own radio show has challenged O’Reilly to go on his show and debate this issue. Lets see if O’Reilly accepts the challenge, this should prove very interesting.

The following was posted by Ken Klukowski, published by Breitbart News: “Among modern scholars who can shed light on this issue, Professor John Eastman—the former dean of Chapman University’s law school and a former law clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas—thoroughly discusses the original meaning of the Citizenship Clause in From Feudalism to Consent. He explores the congressional speeches of two of the clause’s primary authors, Senators Lyman Trumbull and Jacob Howard, and how they made it clear that this part of the amendment only applied to children born to parents who were not citizens of another country. Yet Eastman—who is also an experienced media commentator—has not been featured on major shows this week to inform the public discussion.”

“Another scholarly source is Professor Lino Graglia’s article in the Texas Review of Law & Politics. In it, the professor explores in greater detail the point in our first report in this series, that the 39th Congress—which in 1865 voted for the Thirteenth Amendment and in 1866 voted for the first Civil Rights Act—later in 1866 repackaged the Civil Rights Act’s definition of citizenship in the new Fourteenth Amendment, and that the Civil Rights Act’s original language explicitly excluded citizens of foreign countries.”

This is why illegal immigrants are breaking our laws in mass numbers because this is the mindset of Obama and his cronies, just let everybody cross our borders and children of illegal immigrants will be granted citizenship and on top of that we are hearing a false pretense as to how the Fourteenth Amendment is being translated to fit the agenda of the socialists. I will tell you one thing, if Mark Levin says it is not an automatic citizenship that is good enough for me. If you ever take the time to listen to his expertise you will find out why I feel that way and you will also learn things about the Constitution you never knew before. If anyone should be in the next Republican cabinet it is Mark Levin.

Sarah Palin Said President Obama Should Be Impeached: I Say Go For It!

After Sarah Palin came out with President Obama should be impeached Lord and behold the Republicans went into a panic. Even Bill O’Reilly of Fox news said that only a third of the American people would favor such a resolution to impeach and it would not be a good idea if they wanted to win any elections. I understand that argument and it should be taken serious to a point and the point of reckoning is that Obama does not respect the United States Constitution that our Forefathers risked their lives to implement over some two hundred years ago. Obama knows the Constitution, he studied it to a point of knowing how to get around it but you see you can only get around it to a point of no return because it becomes a dead-end street if you continue to try to buck it because than all you are doing is breaking it’s laws.

The following is from a post by Sarah Palin titled: “The Case For Obama’s Impeachment”, “In violation of our Constitution, he regularly ignores court orders, changes laws by executive fiat, and refuses to enforce laws he doesn’t like, including our immigration laws.”

“When Congress declined to pass amnesty for illegal immigrants’ offspring, he unilaterally enacted his own version of it, which created the current crisis on our border as illegal youth pour into our country to receive what he illegally promised them.”

“He committed fraud on the American people when he promised that if we liked our health care plan we could keep it.”

The list is so long. I have written about all of them at one time or another in other posts at http://www.facebook.com/johnapappasblog. I guess what made Rep. John Boehner (R) finally take action against Obama with a lawsuit was Obama on his own being the Dictator that he is changed the rules to Obama Care twenty eight some odd times after the law was ruled on in one piece by the United States Supreme Court.

I understand impeachment is a serious step and there have been presidents impeached in the House of Representatives one of them being President Bill Clinton the other one being Abraham Lincolns Vice President Andrew Johnson which he missed being fully impeached in the Senate by one vote. There never has been a president of the United States totally impeached by both chambers of Congress.

Impeachment is not a symbolic gesture. It is very serious and crimes must have been committed against the United States. Sarah Palin in her post elegantly lays them out. In Obama’s case I believe naturally that it is all intentional.. Obama is intentionally attempting to change the United States into a form of government our Forefathers have never envisioned and that is to a socialist state. Obama was allowed to sneak through the cracks back in 2008 when he ran for president because the major news media wanted Obama to be elected. They wanted this person who hung around socialists, communists, a crazy Reverend Wright that preached hate for America in the church that Obama attended for twenty years but Obama never knew about this Reverends hate for America, give me a break. Obama even hung around a terrorist by the name of Bill Ayers. Obama idolized a father that hated America. You put this all in a blender and the product comes out Obama not respecting our capitalistic foundation and our military might that he is singlehandedly reducing to just a military force equal with the other militaries of which is called Global Equilibrium. This by the way has always been the wish of George Soros.

Yes Obama needs to be impeached and not merely to go through the process. He tried to change America while it’s people were asleep at the switch. Well We The People are awake now Obama. Yes you still have your cult and your cronies but the silent majority is waking up. You and your cronies are all going to go down. We The People will take our country back! On to November.

Obama Is Insulting Our Intelligence On The IRS Scandal

I am not going to allow this issue to drop and neither should the American people to have a president as he was being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News by telling him in regard to the IRS scandal quote “not even a smidgen of corruption.” How can you have a President of the United States so openly lie to the American people like that. Of course Obama has lied about all the other scandals so why wouldn’t he continue to lie about the IRS scandal?

There is a big difference about the IRS scandal. Not like Fast and Furious whereas Attorney General Eric Holder has put files under Executive Privilege so as Congress can not get to them. In the case of the IRS they have admitted from the start that they were guilty. Lets refresh our memories.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has admitted to intentionally targeting conservative groups since at least 2011.It has admitted that it searched tax applications for words like “Tea Party” and even “patriot.” Once it found those groups, it made intrusive and unconstitutional inquiries, demanding answers “upon penalty of perjury.” IRS targets included pro-life and conservative groups in swing states before the 2012 election. This ongoing IRS abuse continues today, as the ACLJ represents dozens of these targeted groups. Using the government for partisan advantage violates a sacred trust.

After the above admittance of the IRS Obama still has the audacity to say in an interview that there is “not even a smidgen of corruption.” This is more I feel than just a lie. This is an imbalance problem. Obama never knows what’s going on as though he is in some kind of a sleep walk. Obama is making fun of us the American people. Where does he get off lying to us like that?

This is from a post by Susan Stamper Brown: “it helps to make sense of why Lerner would not cooperate during the House Oversight Committee hearing on March 5 when asked these straightforward questions: who was she referring to back in 2010, when she told a Duke University group “they” wanted the IRS to “fix the problem” caused by Citizens United; why did she think, as she claimed in a previous email, that Tea Party cases were “very dangerous”; why was she concerned her actions might be perceived as a “political project”; why did she order Tea Party cases to undergo “multi-tier” reviews; why did she single out the Crossroads GPS’ application in particular. And lastly, if Obama’s claim of no corruption was true, then why do House Democrats believe Lerner has a well-founded fear of criminal prosecution, allowing her to claim the Fifth Amendment rather than testify?”

I really can’t see how Obama can go on national TV and talk to the American people with a straight face. How can anyone believe a word he is saying? He has no sense of shame about constantly lying to the American people. His countless lies in regard to Obama Care must be a record. On the other hand, liars have no sense of shame.

Compare: Obama Blames Fox News And Nixon Said I Am Not A Crook

President Obama is on the blame Fox News kick again. As though Fox News is to blame for all his scandals. If it was not for Fox everybody could live happily ever after. By blaming Fox while Bill O’Reilly was interviewing him he was sending a signal to his base that it’s okay to take his lead, commence war with Fox again. This is the same kind of signal he sent to the IRS to harass Conservatives in the same light that Obama was always talking ill will on them. This is what Obama does.The same way Obama has been lying to the American people he has been lying to his base.

I understand the frustration his base has been going through. I went through the same thing with Richard Nixon. I campaigned for Nixon door to door in 1968 when he ran for president the first time. When Water Gate broke and it continued for a long period of time I just didn’t want to believe his involvement in it. It hurts, but somewhere along the line you just have to cut loose and face the facts. This is what his base has to do with Obama, admit the fact that they have been lied to and cut loose. Obama is involved in all the mentioned scandals and he continues to break the laws of the US Constitution.

In the interview Obama said that Fox News has been unfair. When O’Reilly pressed him as to how Fox has been unfair, this is where I feel Obama made his mistake. He said that earlier in the interview O’Reilly brought up the Benghazi, IRS and the Obama Care topics. That was such a stupid statement to make. I guess Obama wants Fox to be like his other puppet news stations and throw all these scandals under the rug. O’Reilly rightly answered him by saying that they are still open cases, in other words they have to be reported.

The American people should be happy that Fox does not suppress the news. Obama definitely has dictatorial tendencies. Every news outlet that I know of on TV, the main ones, CBS,ABC,NBC lean and openly show bias towards Obama. Throw in MSNBC and CNN and that leaves only Fox reporting all the news fairly and that is why Fox has the highest ratings and Obama gets irked just to hear the mention of Fox News.You know what Obama? Only in communistic societies the state controls the news. This is America, never forget that. Obama was lucky I was not interviewing him, I would have asked him why are his college papers under lock and key? I am convinced that if the American people ever saw what’s in those papers they would revolt.