The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Case Is Approaching It’s Grand Finale.

This is it, the Hillary Clinton email case is approaching the grand finale. All the raw materials have been examined and digested by the FBI. The FBI now is setting up to interview various people on the Clinton staff including Hillary. This is the most dangerous for the people involved and who will be interviewed because of what’s on the material’s that the FBI has gathered of which they will be able to tell if a person is lying or not and on top of that in the interviews themselves the person being interviewed better be careful they use a straight story so as not to incriminate themselves with a caught lie. If you recall or the folks that are too young to remember President Richard Nixon was brought down by the lie’s that he committed in Watergate, not the crime itself. When they went out to get Martha Stewart it was the lying under oath that got her.

The following was posted by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, published by Fox News: “The exception is Bryan Pagliano, the one member of Clinton’s inner circle who, with either a written promise of non-prosecution or an order of immunity from a federal judge, began to cooperate with federal prosecutors last fall.”

“Here is what he told the feds.”

“Pagliano has explained to federal prosecutors the who, what, when, how and why he migrated an open State Department email stream and a secret State Department email stream from government computers to Clinton’s secret server in her home in Chappaqua, New York. He has told them that Clinton paid him $5,000 to commit that likely criminal activity.”

“He has also told some of the 147 FBI agents assigned to this case that Clinton herself was repeatedly told by her own State Department information technology experts and their colleagues at the National Security Agency that her persistent use of her off-the-shelf BlackBerry was neither an effective nor an acceptable means of receiving, transmitting or safeguarding state secrets. Little did they know how reckless she was with government secrets, as none was apparently then aware of her use of her non-secure secret server in Chappaqua for all of her email uses.”

The Clinton aids that will be interviewed by the Feds will be going in blind not knowing what they have or not have on them. This is where no lawyer would advise their client to do so because a trap might be laid by the FBI to catch them in a lie. If they are telling the truth there would only be the one story with no deviations.

Again from the Judge, “After interviewing any Clinton aides who choose to be interviewed, the DOJ personnel on the case will move their investigation into its final phase, in which they will ask Clinton herself whether she wishes to speak with them. The prosecutors will basically tell her lawyers that they have evidence of the criminal behavior of their client and that before they present it to a grand jury, they want to afford Clinton an opportunity blindly to challenge it.”

If Hillary declines to meet with the FBI the FBI will only leak the fact that she was not willing to be interviewed after she has said in public that she just couldn’t wait to talk to the FBI. I do not believe that We The People as a whole will stand for Hillary dodging any interview asked of her by the FBI. After 45 years of constant lying to the American people Hillary Clinton blew it big time this time. She tampered with American security and than went out to lie about it to cover her rare end. Yes, she deserves prosecution and jail time big time. We shall know very soon.

Bryan Pagliano Is The Person Who Set Up Hillary Clinton’s Private Server And Email System: Has Been Given Immunity By The justice Department

This is now getting very deep and the people who are saying that Hillary Clinton will never be indicted I will say that it is getting very close to Hillary being indicted and maybe much more. I don’t blame people for thinking that way considering that for the last 45 years or so she has been getting away with all her crooked ways. I have been saying of late in my writings and you folks who have been reading that I felt that in regard to this email, private server case there is so much wrong doing by Hillary that the Justice Dept. will not be able to just sweep it under the rug.

So many people have been asking why would she even want to do such a thing? I believe the answer is so obvious to the fact that she wants full control of all communications on which ones to delete after she’s finished with them and that’s where the problem lies. She has been doing too many underhanded things it being Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, acceptance of donations from countries that have been hostile to women such as Saudi Arabia which does not look good for her being an advocate for women’s rights and what do these countries that have been giving donations to the Clinton Foundation, what are they expecting in return?

The following was posted by H.A Goodman, published by Huffington Post: “Only one person set up the server that circumvented U.S. government networks and this person is Bryan Pagliano. Not long ago, Pagliano pleaded the Fifth, so this new development speaks volumes. His immunity, at this point in Clinton’s campaign, spells trouble and could lead to an announcement in early May from the FBI about whether or not Clinton or her associates committed a crime. As stated in The New York Times, “Then the Justice Department will decide whether to file criminal charges and, if so, against whom.”

“However, only Bryan Pagliano can explain to the FBI why Clinton needed the server, it’s political utility, and most importantly, how the computer network was protected. Also, Pagliano can help with understanding the computer server’s connection to other Clinton projects like their foundation, or other activities.”

This is very serious for Hillary as any new chapter in her wrongdoings would be. There is speculation that there is even a Grand Jury in session mainly for the fact of giving this person immunity. My understanding is that May is the target date for this whole investigation to be concluded and it is owed to the American voters to know if in fact there will be criminal actions taken against Hillary Clinton. I believe Hillary’s 45 years of lying to the American people is about to come to an end.