ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos A Clinton Hack, Caught Being Deceitful

Only about a month ago Stephanopoulos was interviewing Peter Schweizer about the book he wrote about the Clinton Foundation, “Clinton Cash.” People who have been following politics for awhile know that Stephanopoulos is a Clinton hack. I knew that interview was going to be partisan for the Clinton’s ever since I found out that Stephanopoulos was going to give it.

The following is posted by Colin Campbell, published by Business Insider: “Last month, Stephanopoulos interviewed Peter Schweizer, the author of “Clinton Cash,” which links money given to the Clinton Foundation to alleged government favors doled out by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. During their exchange, Stephanopoulos repeatedly pointed out that there was no “direct evidence” of corruption in Schweizer’s work, and the interview was specifically touted by Clinton’s presidential campaign as proof that his book was nothing more than a partisan smear.

In the first place an author does not have to have evidence. Like Schweizer said he had taken all the information he had to the NY Times, ABC and Washington Post and the liberal NY Times broke the story. There are enough pieces there that will prove wrong-doings by the Clinton’s.

Now we know who the partisan is. Stephanopoulos has the audacity to be calling Schweizer partisan when in fact Stephanopoulos should not have been giving the interview in the first place. Stephanopoulos has acknowledged after it was exposed, not on his own mind you, that he has donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation and he wasn’t even honest about that when at first he said it was $50,000. He has donated $25,000 a year for the last three years. You want to talk about conflict of interest, there it is.

“In addition to his contributions, Stephanopoulos once worked in the administration of Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, who is also a central figure in Schweizer’s book.”

Because of this Stephanopoulos has excused himself from monitoring the Republican Primary debates but he will be doing the presidential debates. I say who the heck is he that he should be making these decisions, him being a Clinton hack he should be out of the picture altogether. The conflict of interest will be too great for Stephanopoulos to be monitoring the presidential debates if in fact Hillary is one of the candidate’s. Stephanopoulos should be disallowed from participating.

Today Stephanopoulos has released a statement to Politico apologizing for not taking the “extra step” of telling viewers about his support for the foundation. What he means by “extra step” is beyond me, that should be the normal step to take of which he should not have done it in the first place. It sounds like ABC News is already starting a cover-up for this Clinton partisan in which ABC News is in Hillary’s corner.

You see Stephanopoulos is following the Clinton playbook to the letter and that is destroy the messenger in this case the writer of the book, Peter Schweizer. Kind of reminds me of another “would have been messenger” by the name of Foster.