The War On United States Fossil Fuels Must End Or We Will Lose Our Republic

Presently the United States gets 81% of its energy from oil, coal and natural gas and for the first time in 70 years President Donald Trump made the United States energy independent where America was not dependent on foreign oil and in fact America became a big exporter of these resources around the world. Now you tell me why anyone would want to take America out of this condition unless they wanted to destroy America and then along comes China Joe Biden. He has done exactly that by suppressing everything President Trump accomplished for the energy industry because he is controlled by the Green New Deal as are all the radical left in the Marxist Democratic Party. 

The following was posted by Jim Hoft, published by Gateway Pundit: “Victor Davis Hanson joined Tucker Carlson on Friday night to discuss the Biden Administrations energy policies.”

“Hanson laid out with evidence how Biden’s policies to destroy energy production in America is devastating to the middle class and frankly immoral.”

“Victor Davis Hanson: I think we have the morality upside-down, Tucker. The Green morality of this green nirvana that hasn’t arrived yet is immoral. Because when you have plentiful oil and it’s moderately priced then you empower the middle class. They can drive to work, they can heat their homes. You’re not involved in Middle East or Eastern European hot spots over energy. Or your friends and neutrals have affordable gas and oil in Europe. And we can do it a lot more environmentally sound in the west as Russia or Iran. But when you don’t, you get involved in optional Middle East Wars or in a time of inflation the middle class can’t heat their homes, etc.”

“If I was in control of the largest oil and gas producer in the history of civilization, as Joe Biden was. And I really did not believe that all of that was good. I would do the following. I would take ANWR and a million barrels off the market. I would take the Keystone Pipeline and cancel it and sacrifice a million barrels coming from Canada. I would cancel all federal leases, and I would not have another million or two barrels. I would jawbone banks not to lend to frackers and horizontal drillers. I would tell some of our closest friends, the Greeks, the Cypriots, the Israelis, we don’t want you sending cheap natural gas into Italy to help energy for Europe. And then I would cancel any criticism of the Russian-German pipeline. And if I did all of that I guess I would deliberately trying to hurt the middle class, our allies and empower people with petrodollars like Russia, Iran and Venezuela.”

It is very obvious that this is what China Joe Biden, and his Marxist cronies are doing. When Russia attacked Ukraine the first thig that slimeball John Kerry was concerned about was not the fact that Putin attacked Ukraine but the fact as to not slow down climate change. Here is what moron John Kerry said in an interview with BBC Arabic “‘Now it’s thawing, and his infrastructure is at risk,’ he added. ‘And the people of Russia are at risk. And so I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.” 

These people are crazy whereas Kerry is more concerned about continuing climate change than the people who will get killed in war. Now because of Biden destroying our energy industry we are now at the mercy of buying oil from Russia and keeping him wealthy in the meantime when in fact under President Trump we were becoming the biggest exporters in the world and helping our economy and the middleclass in the meantime and that’s why the Marxist’s worked so hard to create the stolen election to rid America of President Trump and look what we get instead, a timid, senile old man who will destroy the United States of America, China Joe Biden. 


The Liberals (socialists) Are Taking The Phony Climate Change Issue To A Dangerous Level

This climate change phony issue is being taken to a dangerous level by the liberals (socialists). Bernie Sanders Democrat presidential candidate has made it easy for me to use the word socialist considering he is a declared socialist. I heard this a few weeks ago of the fact that it was rumored that there was to be a push to make climate change deniers a criminal offense but I took it to be some over exaggerated story that would just go away. Well it’s not going away. Yes my friends, they are trying to push this climate change on to companies as though they cant meet costs as it is with all the regulations.

The following was posted by KATIE, published by American Liberty PAC: “If you want to know how far leftwing environmentalists in the Obama administration are willing to go to push their climate change agenda, look no further than Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Evidently, the Department of Justice actually considered taking civil legal action against the fossil fuel industry for “denying” the “threat of carbon emissions” in regards to climate change:

“This matter has been discussed. We have received information about it and have referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which we could take action on,” Lynch answered. “I’m not aware of a civil referral at this time.” This was an answer to a question put forward by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.L.)

With our reading we have learned that there are just as many scientists that do not agree with the Climate change studies as there are for and Obama and his cronies want to perfect a phony science called Climate change that they changed its name from Global warming. This is all for more control over We The People and to force industry to comply with an unjustified science so as to give the government justification to tax these corporations on emissions used.

If you notice Lynch said that she will refer it to the FBI to see if they could take action. These people are so full of it from Obama down to his Attorney general. You don’t take it to the FBI to see about taking action you take it to the Congress to pass legislation on it. This is a plan by Obama to stick it to We The People before he leaves office when in fact we should be sticking it to him via impeachment.

The United Nations Warming Climate Summits Are Not For The Best Interests Of The United States And Obama Is In On IT

These warming climate summits that the United Nations has been promoting is such a farce. Now I want you to think about this, why would Obama or any other US president want this agreement so badly? Another thing you must consider and anyone who wishes too can look it up that back in the 1960’s-70’s the science community was promoting the fact that another ice age was approaching upon us. Now you tell me how the turnaround? Mother Earth is not that receptive to a fast turnaround as that. So, what has Obama been pushing from the first day in office? Socialism. This is a socialist’s dream to get the whole world involved in a world order and what better way to do it but to create a phony crisis that people can get behind and that is global warming or the new title it has today being climate change. Obama has been so disgustingly sacrificing the United States of America to the World Order.

The following was published by Investors Business Daily: “In the days leading up to the 21st session of the Conference of Parties to the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, hardly a living person could avoid hearing the desperate talk about the Paris summit being our last chance to save the world from global warming. It was all a pretense, however, because what the global warming alarmist community says it wants isn’t what it truly hungers for.”

“The U.N.’s many climate meetings and its interest in climate through the years have nothing to do with warming, climate, weather or the environment.”

“The goal has always been to wreck capitalism, punish prosperous economies that became rich through free markets, reward poorer nations that are impoverished by policies that starve markets, and reshape the world in the image of left-wing thought.”

“Don’t believe it? It’s right there in the U.N.’s own documents.”

” The “Draft conclusions proposed by the Co-Chairs,” distributed on Dec. 5, confirms that the parties of a climate agreement are united in “emphasizing the importance of promoting, protecting and respecting all human rights, the right to development, the right to health, and the rights of indigenous peoples, migrants, children, persons with disabilities and people in vulnerable climate situations (and under occupation).”

As you read up above, “The goal has always been to wreck capitalism.” Does this not meet the transformation of America that Obama talked about many times leading to the presidential election of 2008? This is why you have Obama Care, to choke the business community, this is why everytime you turn around there are more rigid regulations on the small business person, this is why Obama promised he would destroy our coal industry, this is why Obama said as early as the 2008 presidential election that our electric rates would be going up, this is why Obama has been slowly destroying our military that now we can only fight one war at a time, this is why Obama promised to transform America, it is the prime reason to destroy America.

Yes, like stated above it’s all about punishing prosperous economies that become rich through free markets As you can see I have never made this up, the difference is when I was stressing these things back in 2008 it was like talking to myself and now everybody of sound mind finally has realized the agenda of Obama.

A couple of days ago the UN came to a climate change agreement but as I understand it , it is not binding. The problem is it has opened a window of more territory for itself and We The People must stay on top of this and make sure the socialist agenda is not carried through after Obama leaves office. We must be very careful of the politicians we vote for. Our capitalistic system which gave us the industrial revolution without the help of government mind you will not have room for another revolution of it’s type if we allow the world to get involved with our growth and that involvement is the United Nation’s and the only thing I can tell that body is to stay the hell away from America, we don’t need you and we don’t want you.

Instead Of Obama Talking About American Might To A Graduating Class of Coast Guard Cadets He Lectured That Climate Change Is The Number One Threat To American National Security

A graduating class of Coast Guard Cadets probably so proud and eager to hear the president of the United States in their minds thinking he would talk about American might and influence in the world(you and I knew better) instead had to sit through a very boring speech on how climate change is the number one problem facing America. With ISIS rampaging through the Middle East and on their way to Europe and who knows how many of theses butchers are in our country now just waiting for the right time in their minds to start various bombings Obama stresses that climate change is one of the biggest threats to American national security today.

Rioting and looting that has been going on only because of the encouragement and pot stirring of Obama himself with the inclusion of Eric Holder and Al Sharpton, Obama stresses that climate change is one of the biggest threats to American national security today.

With Americans not being able to find work is approaching 100 million and Obama Care being thrown out of states the latest being Hawaii and cancer patients being dropped coverage at various hospitals, plus it is killing the middle-class because of it’s unaffordability Obama stresses that climate change is one of the biggest threats to American national security today.

The following was published by “Skeptical Science” “Over 31,000 scientists signed the OISM Petition Project”

“The Petition Project features over 31,000 scientists signing the petition stating “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide will, in the forseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere”. (OISM)

“There are several claims that large numbers of scientists do not agree with the theory of climate change, the best known of which is a petition organised by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (the OISM petition). This petition now appears to be signed by over 32,000 people with a BSc or higher qualification.”

You and I know that at every turn the left wing liberal base of the Democrat Party that has kidnapped the Democrat party of President John Kennedy because that is all that is left in this party. There is no longer any conservative Democrat and now Obama has moved the party so far left that it is even hard to find a middle of the roader. Just listen to them on TV and radio, they are all robots saying the same things.

Obama and his cronies have suppressed the small business person who normally fills the U.S. Treasury with tax revenue but now these socialists need a fill-in for this loss of tax revenue and guess who the replacement is, it’s you and I if we have a job or not and how is this done but through more control on We The People via more taxation on all kinds of utilities and if you recall in 2008 when this socialist was running for president he said as much by stressing our electric bills would be going up. One of the few times this liar said the truth.

We have to give thanks to the Republican Congress for not allowing this to happen by taking control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and lately the Senate. This is why Obama has been toying with Executive Orders with his phone and pen but it’s not near the effect if the Congress had giving Obama what he wanted on Global Warming. These fools even have changed the name to Climate Control. So this Dictator with whoever is pulling his strings now has to go in front of a Coast Guard graduating class and make a fool of himself. That is one thing he has learned how to do considering he does it daily. We will take our country back with a conservative president. On to 2016!