Hillary Clinton Said: “We’re Going To Put A Lot Of Coal Miners And Coal Companies Out Of Business”

It’s amazing how our coal industry is constantly under attack by the socialists. In 2008 in the presidential campaign Obama actually came right out and said that he was going to make it a lot harder for the coal industry with higher taxes and more regulations for the industry to survive.

Lets have a small refresher as to how good of a natural resource coal is and how good it’s for the U.S. economy. Coal is such an abundant domestic resource it provides an affordable and reliable source of electricity for American families, businesses and neighborhoods. High grade coal is also necessary for steel-making. America’s coal reserve exceeds that of any other country in the world. Coal is economical and cost efficient without government subsidies.

According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, based on U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis data, America’s domestic coal mining industry was responsible for 154,000 direct jobs and over 400,000 indirect jobs in 2008.”

“Finally, coal and coal by-products are used in the production of numerous goods and materials we all use every day. In many respects, coal is the backbone of the American economy.”

Why would these socialists want to destroy this God given resource given to America? It seems by her own words that Hillary Clinton has been given the baton by Obama to carry out his destruction of the coal industry and it’s beholding on any candidate running against this socialist to talk up the coal industry. Some say that Hillary is saying this to keep on the left side to match a declared socialist in Bernie Sanders but I believe Hillary means every word of what she is saying being as Obama was a student of Saul Alinsky.

The following was posted by Jazz Shaw, published by Hot Air News: “I’m the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. Because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right Tim? ”

“If I weren’t already laughing so hard I’d be agreeing with Alex Griswold (at the link above) who asked what Clinton could possibly have been thinking. This is a classic Washington, DC gaffe, where a smidgen of truth slips out at an inopportune moment. It’s particularly brilliant as a GOP advertisement this fall because from her own lips we hear her say that she’s not just going to put the mining companies out of business, but the miners themselves.”

This is not funny for the miners who have suffered the last seven years from this socialist president of ours to have to hear it again from another candidate running for the presidency. This is insanity at it’s worst to want to get rid of one of our biggest resource the other being oil. The American people must come to grips that these socialists are out to ruin this great country of ours it being taking away our religions, our guns, our free speech our Constitution and not allowing us to produce coal and oil, two huge God given resources. It’s up to We The People, it’s now in our hands, the presidency is only a few months away. May God be with us to elect a conservative, a constitutionalist to continue the wishes of our Forefathers.

Dictator Obama Is Keeping His Promise To Destroy The Coal Industry

If you recall when Obama was first running for president in 2008 he gleefully stressed that he would make it unaffordable for survival of the coal industry, a person who wanted to keep up with the industry in other words would have to pay through the nose. So what has this socialist now decided to do but to halt any new coal leases on federal lands until a review is made to determine if fees charged to mining companies provide a “fair return” to tax payers. Of the millions of dollars the government spends on useless pork program they are now worried that fees being charged to mining companies may not be high enough. God has provided America an abundance of resources coal being one of them and this poor excuse for a president wants to destroy a whole industry that provides the United States much of it’s needs. This is so obvious it stinks.

The following was published by Fox News: “Karen Harbert, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st Century Energy, slammed the decision. Herbert called the move “a foolish crusade” that strips America of one of its “diverse mix of energy sources.”

“Another day, another front on the war on coal from this administration,” she said in a statement following the announcement. “At this point, it is obvious that the president and his administration won’t be satisfied until coal is completely eradicated from our energy mix.”

“Roughly 40 percent of the coal produced in the United States comes from federal lands. The vast majority of that mining takes place in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.”

I have heard Bill O Reilly, of The Factor, on Fox News a number of times stress the fact that Obama has left wing tendencies, but he means well he says, Obama is not out to purposely hurt our country. Well I’m going to tell O’ Reilly what he tells people when he disagrees with them and that is Bill O’Reilly you are drinking the Kool-Aid. I want Bill O’Reilly to look at the whole picture of what Obama has done to out country over the last seven years and if he still thinks Obama is not set out to hurt the United States of America, you O Reilly can not see in front of your nose. Just because Obama has helped O’Reilly secure some motorized wheelchairs for the military which is nice does not mean that Obama has not been out to hurt America. It is people like O’Reilly who have gone to universities like Harvard that the curiosity of investigating tyranny when it is right there in front of them, are contributing to Obama’s tyranny by not seeing the real picture, but the day has come. We The People have figured out the real picture and we are going to take our country back.

Obama’s Harvard Constitutional Professor Laurence Tribe Said That He Will Not Sit back And Watch The Constitution Be Burned

I have mentioned in other posts that I have written that Obama learned the Constitution to enable him to get around it or go right up to it’s border and sometimes he went over the cliff and that’s why he has lost a few court cases by taking that chance that no one would pursue it but in a few cases the courts came down against him and the Constitution won out. That is what is happening right now in Texas where a Federal Judge has temporary put a stop on his illegal immigration program. Obama’s lawyers even pissed off the Judge by lying to him.

Anyone who follows Obama’s transformation process of America sees what he is doing and that is a piece by piece dismantling of the US Constitution. He has caught everybody off guard but it is now finally catching up to him. It is everybody’s duty as Americans to not allow this to happen. This means naturally even the people who voted for him. I have said oh so many times that this is not a Republican or Democrat issue, this is tyranny that Obama is taking We The People too.

You can’t show it any clearer that Obama is bypassing the Constitution than by the concern of Obama’s Harvard law school mentor, Laurence Tribe who testified before Congress recently that “burning the Constitution of the United States, about which I care deeply, cannot be a part of our national energy policy. EPA is attempting an unconstitutional trifecta: usurping the prerogatives of the States, Congress and the federal Courts- all at once.”

The following was posted by Ryan Koronowski, published by Climate Progress: “When I use the metaphor that burning the Constitution is not a good source of fuel for dealing with these problems, I was being metaphorical only in part,” he said. “When you tear the Constitution apart, bit by bit, and give it the death by a thousand cuts, what else will we sacrifice the Constitution for?”

“When Rep. David Loebsack (D-IA) asked Tribe to explain what else Congress could do, given the fact that Tribe believed something should be done about climate change, he said Congress should “get its act together” but not at the expense of “the law and the Constitution.”

Obama if you recall in the 2008 presidential election said that the coal companies would have to pay a lot more penalty’s and fees for survival but that does not mean to abuse the Constitution to do so. Obama has gone out of his way to destroy the coal industry, he even advised back in 2008 that it would be hard for them to survive with his regulations that would be applied. The EPA has gotten out of hand whereas it chokes companies from making any kind of profit especially the coal industry where the United States is way up on the list of coal producing countries and we have the EPA trying to ruin a whole industry. Once again I will remind you what President Nixon wrote in one of his last books before his death. He said “yes I created the Environmental Agency but it was not meant to destroy a whole industry to save the owl.

The US Treasury depends on cash flow from the profits of companies that find it’s way to the Treasury via taxes but what the EPA is doing is choking industry after industry and this puts the treasury in a constant predicament of not having cash and there won’t be as long as this EPA is allowed to run rampage. What professor Tribe is going to try to prove is that the EPA is falsely using the Constitution to do so. This is another liberal of late who is putting country above politics and may God bless him.