Where Is That Conservative?

Conservatism is not dead, we need the messenger. Where is that conservative? They were saying conservatism was dead over thirty years ago and then there was President Reagan. Now I must stress that there does not have to be a Reagan, but you cannot sit back and say, well President Obama will not run four years from now. America has been taught to receive from these liberals, rather than to be optimistic about America. What is a better feeling about ones self than to have a job, which gives a person self respect? but the message to the American people has to be as such. This conservative who is sitting on the sidelines has to get up and get with it. America is just going with its last successes now. This Marxist President has set the wheels in motion for an America that will be converted to Marxism. In his Inaugural Address, nothing was mentioned about the creation of jobs because after all that would have been putting the job creators on a pedestal. We cannot wait four years until the next Presidential election. This conservative has to start now, and constantly counteracting by speaking about anything damaging that this President is attempting to do to our economy and society. It’s actually teaching the American people all over again as to why we were created in the first place, and believe me it was not to sit home and collect free Obama phones from the government. Right now all I see from conservatives is responding to whatever Obama says, like some kind of ping pong match where in fact it should be the other way around as I will discuss as we go alone. The General Accounting Office just came out with a report just a few days ago stressing the fact that our economy cannot withstand the direction our country is now heading without curtailing spending, but Obama does not care, he continues the path of Marxism by continuing to choke the small business person.

About five million conservatives did not vote in the last election. That would have been more than enough to have won. Now someone can say, but a conservative would not have taken the moderate vote. Again, lets go back to Reagan, if I remember right, he won by a landside the first time, and an even bigger landside the second time, and you know as well as I know he was no moderate. He got the blue collar voter, and do you remember Democrats for Reagan? do you think it was because people were anticipating job growth from him, and even more so the second time around because the people were getting jobs. This conservative has to go back to that premise, which is jobs for you, whereas I think one of the mistakes Romney made was talking about companies creating jobs, which is all well and good, but he should have used the words, jobs for the people more often; Romney ignored all the conservative talk shows, and the one conservative who was getting more crowds than even Obama, he did not let her speak at the Republican Convention.

I understand the fact that the news media is definitely bias, but if it is the right conservative the people will step over the news media. President Nixon definitely was not the darling of the news media, as a matter of fact they picked on him so strongly that the news media became a case of paranoia to him, so much so that when he lost the governorship in California he made that famous statement “you don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore,” yet he came back to win the Presidency in 1968. When President Reagan was running for President the news media labeled him a cowboy, and a simple person, until the American people and the world when they got to know him loved him greatly for what he had proved himself to be. After his death our academia friends were astonished to see the thousands of essays he had written. President George W. Bush who was a graduate of Yale and Harvard, the news media always considered him a man of little intelligence. It is so comical, in 2004 when Bush ran against John Kerry, the news media was insinuating that President Bush had a low IQ, where in fact it came out that Bush had a higher IQ than Kerry. Again their they were, three people that became President without the wishes of the news media.

Where is that conservative to talk about the shenanigans of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice about how they mishandled Benghazi?. We all know the story by now; the lie that there was a riot caused by a YouTube video here in America, accept there was no riot, it was an outright terrorist attack, that Ambassador Smith warned it would happen. Obama lied so the American people would not get wise to the fact that Al-Qaida was not dead. This is an impeachable offense, Obama lied and covered up to the American people. You need this conservative to talk about this as a constant.

Where is that conservative to talk about Fast and Furious? This was a scheme to send guns to Mexico and make it seem like American citizens were sending the guns so Hillary Clinton and Obama could justify more laws on gun control. I remember Hillary was on Fox news with Greta making the accusation as such. This is another impeachable offense, the Obama Administration caused the act to happen, then they lied that they knew nothing about it. Again, you need this conservative to talk about this as a constant.

The liberals(Marxists) are nasty. You need a conservative to hold his or hers ground against them. This is not a priesthood, politics is a dirty business, and liberals fight dirty. America is running out of time before it becomes totatally Marxist. The people have to get back to the attitude of betterment for ones self, instead of what you have, I want, because America is going to fail to exist with that format. With an optimistic conservative in the arena as a constant instead of just answering each sound bite, America can go on. This is the way I found my country and this is the way I want to leave it to my kids and Grandchildren, so they can always say about our Forefathers what I have always said, what geniuses to leave us a Constitution of such merit.