Obama Is Telling Us : Stop Me If You Can

The way Obama has been acting of late I have the feeling at times that he is just going over the edge. What has happened to him is that every underhanded thing he attempted to do to take over the House of Representatives has now backfired on him. Not only will he not take over the House but he has a good chance of losing the Senate. How ironic is that?

He is obsessed that he will not get his socialistic programs through Congress that he is looking at every conceivable way to buck the United States Constitution. He studied and learned the Constitution so as to know how to get around it.

One thing that Obama must remember even though he probably doesn’t want to is that these Republican House members and Senators are sent by the people this being a Republic. Those Congressional people with the word Republican after their name were sent to the Congress to represent those people from those districts and those states. Who the heck does this dictator Obama think he is to say I will disregard their beliefs because I don’t agree with anything about them. It just so happens that Obama never really tried to negotiate with the Congress. Sure he will take some photo ops every now and than considering the phony that he is, but that is all meaningless. It’s all make believe. The problem is he has an accomplice that is going along with all this, and it is called the US Senate.

Here is what Tom Delay the former Texas Congressman and House Speaker said about this recently: “The Constitution creates a government that reflects the principles given to us in the Declaration of Independence. It can only survive and can only carry us into the future if you have people that believe in these principles.”There we go. That’s the key. The people have to believe in those principles. I truly believe by the latest polls that the majority of Americans still believe in these principles and because Obama and the US Senate are suppressing us the American people from continuing these beliefs that our Forefathers had originally set out to do, the whole US Congress controlled by Senator Harry Reid and Obama are all criminals destined to destroy our way of life and the Constitution. These criminals have to be removed from office. Yes I know, I keep on saying it but time is running short. The Republicans must remove this criminal Congress and then we will impeach this criminal president. This will be the last chance to take our country back. If these socialists are allowed to keep control of our great country what our Forefathers had envisioned for us will be destroyed. God bless the people of the United States, I trust they will fulfill the moment.

The Liberal’s (Socialist’s) Are Worried Obama Care Will Destroy Inroads Made Towards Socialism.

To convert a capitalistic system of government is a step by step progressing. You heard the saying that the United States is going to wake up one morning and find itself a complete socialist state. This is done very slowly, one program, one new law at a time until one day the American people will say, “what happen?’

The first president to show disrespect to our Constitution was Woodrow Wilson, Democrat. Woodrow Wilson became President in 1912. In 1908, as president of Princeton University and prior to ascending to the Oval Office in 1913, Wilson authored a treatise titled “Constitutional Government in the United States”.Yet, Wilson wrote not of the Constitution as is but as he wished it to be—that is, denuded of its carefully crafted limits on the central government.

Wilson asserted, “ No doubt a great deal of nonsense has been talked about the inalienable rights of the individual, and a great deal that was mere vague sentiment and pleasing speculation has been put forward as fundamental principle.”Clearly, Wilson dismissed not only the Declaration of Independence and the Founders’ announced purpose for American independence, but the Lockean exposition on natural law, the nature of man, the social compact establishing the civil society, and the essential ingredients of constitutional republicanism.In short, for Wilson, rights are awarded or denied the individual as determined by the government.pg189

What is ironic is what saved our country from Wilson was World War l. Woodrow Wilson was a hard pacifist. His pet project was to get The League of Nations active, which never happened. He suffered a stroke in office I believe because of the pressure of the war, which in turn he lost much of his activeness, and in the process was not able to implement any of his ideology.

America was speared until here came President Franklyn Roosevelt. I will call Roosevelt the father of Socialism in America.

There is no denying Roosevelt’s revolutionary fervor. Whereas the Founders broke from tyranny, Roosevelt and the utopians broke from the Founders. Cass Sunstein, a former academic now employed by President Barack Obama as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget, in 2004 wrote approvingly that “America’s public institutions were radically transformed under Roosevelt’s leadership.The federal government assumed powers formerly believed to rest with the states.pg205

Whittaker Chambers, who had been a member of the Communist Party USA, Soviet spy, proponent of the New Deal, editor at Time magazine, and who later condemned communism and the New Deal, wrote in his 1952 autobiography, “Witness, “I had to acknowledge the truth of what its more forthright protagonists, sometimes unwarily, sometimes defiantly, averred: the New Deal was a genuine revolution, whose deepest purpose was not simply reform within existing traditions, but a basic change in the social and, above all, the power relationships within the nation.It was not a revolution of violence. It was a revolution by bookkeeping and lawmaking. Insofar as it was successful, the power of politics had replaced business. This is the basic power shift of all the revolutions of our time. pg207

The socialistic attempt and planting of the first seeds to socialize America was the Social Security program submitted by Roosevelt. Do you think for a moment that Roosevelt did this because he cared about the well-being of Americans He installed it as a first step towards implementing socialism. This was done as a first step for the people to rely on the government. The United States had depressions and recessions in the past. People relied on family’s, churches, neighbors and donations to get them out of economic difficult in the past. The average age in those years of life was 60 years of age, why do you think Roosevelt made it 65? How about maybe keeping the money in the U.S. Treasury. Nobody came close to envision in those days that someday the average age would become in the 70’s.

Since then we have had Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and the list goes on. Now we have Obama Care. (maybe)The liberals are very angry and worried about this law. This law was suppose to commence smoothly at its implementation date, another law for the complete socialistic take over of the United States until the web-site crashed and the people started finding out that they will be losing their Doctors and insurance policy’s, that it will remind people that government is no match with the private sector. Liberals are very worried that the American people will realize that this socialistic government has strayed from our Forefathers and what they envisioned for our great country. What Obama envisions for America is a complete socialistic take over. Come on America, wake up, we cannot allow Obama and his cronies to take over the United States of America.

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Obama Said its A Right To Have Health Care-Thomas Jefferson Disagreed

Obama said before and again very recently that heath care is our right. Lets see what Thomas Jefferson the prime author of the United States Declaration of Independence had to say :”Under the law of nature, all men are born free, every one comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will. This is what is called personal liberty, and is given him by the Author of nature, because it’s necessary for his own sustenance.”

“No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.”

“What is true of every member of the society, individually, is true of them all collectively; since the rights of the whole can be no more than the sum of the rights of the individuals.”

This means that if one person does not have the right to force another to provide health care (or any good or service) against his will, then no group of people has the right to do so, and hence government has no right to do so. Doing so would be an act of aggression. This posted by Brian Schwartz, titled “Jefferson, rights, and health care.”

You have two types of Constitutional scholars, you have Obama who learned the U.S. Constitution to maneuver around it with lies so as to know how to destroy it, and you have another type of Constitutional scholar such as Mark Levin who learned the Constitution so to be able to save it. Obama goes on TV to give us a case which is really no case. Thomas Jefferson explained in artistic format because that was the way of writing in those days “no man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another”. This definitely goes against the individual mandate that has been forced on us by these socialists, and as I have written before who knows how they got to Chief Justice Roberts to go out of his way to find a reason to implement Obama Care. To Chief Justice Roberts, that was a sad state of affairs. Maybe someday Chief Justice Roberts will write a book and tell the real reason that compelled him to vote for an unconstitutional health care mandate on the American people. I sure don’t know what Constitution he read.