The Radical Left Democratic Party And Media Elites Are Not In Tune With The American People On Immigration Reform

Why would anyone not want immigration reform considering what we have been seeing going on at our southern border where the immigration laws are being interpreted to the liking of liberals ( socialist ) judges, when in fact they are not to be interpreted when the President of the United States has to his discretion the right under the Constitution to determine if the United States is being thrown into the crosswinds of danger as we are seeing today on our southern border that President Trump predicted this would happen weeks ago as he saw the numbers of immigrants that were mounting heading towards our border from migrants heading here out of Central America. They have been offered asylum from Mexico but that did not deter them from proceeding towards the United States and the situation has gotten so bad that the President has threatened to close off the border completely and he will have the support of most of the American people to do so considering the unruly fashion that these I will call them invaders are attempting to do so.

The following was posted by Scott Rasmussen, published by Townhall News: “This episode is just the latest example of how the political and media elites have failed to grasp the general public’s perspective on immigration. That failure is a big part of the reason that Trump was elected president of the United States.”

“Americans overwhelmingly support legal immigration. They cherish our heritage as a land of immigrants. Eighty-one percent say it’s good for the nation. But they also cherish our heritage as a nation of laws. Most see a big difference between the benefits of legal immigration and the costs or threats of illegal immigration.”

“Americans are a generous people who naturally have great empathy for those who are fleeing persecution. But voters also suspect that some of the migrants seeking to enter the country illegally have less wholesome intentions. Sixty-two percent are concerned that some might be national security threats. That’s why 70 percent want those traveling through Mexico to either be turned away or held in detention centers while their cases are reviewed.”

I see up above the author favors using the word political instead of Democratic Party who with the socialist mainstream media are going against the will of the American people to continue to not want immigration reform and the answer is always an easy one that the Democrats will not admit to because they know its all for the vote. It’s these illegal immigrants who are like leeches coming here for our welfare system with no concern for our culture and Constitution like our relatives were it being parent, grandparents, aunts, uncles and what have you coming here for love of America. Then you have the elite educators in our school systems that dont want to believe any of this, why would they considering they answer to school administrators who follow the socialist doctrine themselves that have been trying to take American patriotism and God out of our school systems for decades now while they have been rewriting history and they actually dont believe it when you tell them they are brought to America mainly for the vote and they answer with a comeback “but they are not allowed to vote.” Give me a break!

Common Core Will Be A Hot November Election Issue

Forty-five states and the district of Columbia have adopted education standards for our children. That’s the problem, who are these people and if we have a sagging education system as they claim to justify this program called Common Core why is that the case to begin with? What is the matter with the administrators and the educators we have now? Is it an implementation problem with some unqualified teachers, there has to be a reason why our school systems are sagging. Maybe less attention should be made on taking Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance out of our schools which they never should have been taken out in the first place and more emphasis placed on applying educational methods to our children that have been successfully used for decades.

This is from a post by Ben Evansky for Fox News: “But many parents see the initiative as a bid by the federal government to take over the education system. They are also angry over the “data mining” of students’ personal information, and say the stepped-up standards are not age-appropriate and are leading to anxiety and depression in their children.”

Parents want to see decisions as to what children learn at the local level. The liberals (socialists) are at it again. The top two rules that they have of winning over a society is infiltrate the unions and the schools and we all can see that is exactly what is happening. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist in the early years of our children’s education to teach adding, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, American history, reading and basic science. What they are doing with this common core is causing depression with the children because they don’t understand it and the parents can’t help because its all new to them. If a parent try’s to help the child, the child says “I will get a “F” mom because that’s not the way I’m suppose to get the answer.”

These socialists will just not leave well enough alone. This is a very big concern from what I have been reading especially to the mother. This will definitely be a big campaign issue in November and it will be watched closely by parents as to who can get a handle on it. These socialists who are entering every segment of our society just don’t give up. We must defeat them from their goal of taking over our society.They want to transform America. I believe we have heard this before from a guy named Obama.